Friday, September 22, 2023

Max Verstappen prosecuted for putting people at risk?

the pilot of Formula 1 Max Verstappen He is about to be prosecuted for speeding, after a video in which he is seen driving at 124 km/h in a zone with a 90 km/h limit went viral.

The video, which was recorded on the highway of Nice Nord in Franceshows to Verstappen driving a aston martin valkyrie, The Dutch driver is in the left lane, which is one way and he is also seen wearing headphones, which is illegal.

French authorities are investigating the video and could prosecute Verstappen If sufficient evidence is found that he committed an offence, the driver of Red Bull You could face a fine, a suspension of your license, or even a prison sentence.

Verstappen is the current leader of Formula 1 World Championship, He is one of the most popular drivers in the world and is known for his aggressive driving style; however, he has also been criticized for his reckless behavior in the past.


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