Friday, December 8, 2023

Max Verstappen conquers the Monaco GP; Checo Pérez out of the top 10

max verstappen reaffirmed himself as the best pilot in Formula 1 after conquering the Monaco Grand Prixtaking advantage of his pole position, a place that he did not give up at any time during the competition in a rather eventful race for his teammate, Sergio Perez.

The Mexican driver had a promising start despite starting in last position and quickly jumped two positions to 18th place. In addition, he made a strategic stop in the pit area just on lap 2 to change to hard tires, therefore that everything indicated that he would no longer make any stops in the competition; however, the circumstances of the race forced him to make four more stops.

On lap 12 the alarms went off after Carlos Sainz and Esteban Ocon they had a slight crash that damaged the Spaniard’s front wing; however, the race continued without any problem.

As the competition progressed Czech perez continued to climb positions, surpassing logan sergeant and Lance Strollbut on lap 37, the Mexican had a brush with Kevin Magnussen in his fight to climb places, but on impact his front wing was damaged, forcing him to make his second stop in the pits, dropping to 19th position.

After lap 50 the rain began to fall on the Monte Carlo Circuitso several drivers entered the pits to change to intermediate tires and handle better on the track.

However, several of them suffered havoc, such as the case of Checo Perezwhich in one of the curves on lap 60 did not brake in time and managed to hit the car of george russelbut the race continued without problems.

Towards the end of the competition, the rain stopped falling and the track began to fill up, so the pilots revved up the engine and max verstappen He ended up conquering the principality for the second time to establish himself in the leadership of the season. Fernando Alonso and Esteba Ocon they completed the podium, while the driver from Jalisco paid dearly for having started from the last position, finishing the race in 17th place.


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