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Matthieu Lartot leaves the antenna to treat a relapse of his cancer, what is he suffering from?

This Tuesday, April 18, Matthieu Lartot, the star rugby commentator on the antennas of France TV Sport and presenter of Stage 2, announced that he was putting his career on hold to treat a relapse of his cancer. It was on social networks that the journalist announced the news in a long text.

“Since nowadays everything is known, as much as it is me who announces it to you. For three weeks, I knew that this moment would arrive. Today I am forced to move away from the antenna to go back to the ring and fight cancer a second time! 26 years later, the story unfortunately stutters. There was a 1 to 5% chance that it would happen and it did. It will shake very hard but I am ready and very well surrounded. I will never be very far from the pitches and teams of France TV Sports. And like the Blues, my only objective in 2023 is victory.”

Knee cancer diagnosed earlier

Matthieu Lartot is suffering from knee cancer, a relapse of his joint tumor when he was 16 after an injury during a rugby match. The commentator confided in Paris Match in 2020 on the diagnosis of his cancer. “We thought it was a sprained knee and from there a mass appeared inside my knee. We could have missed it and it was developing in silence and it was more serious”.

Since that moment and the operation, Matthieu Lartot has had to live with a prosthesis, his leg was also reduced by 2.5 cm due to a nosocomial infection and he spent several months in the hospital for his rehabilitation.


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