Sunday, December 3, 2023

Mateu Alemany closes his stage at Barça by surprise

mateu alemany will leave the FC Barcelona in summer. The news came just half an hour after Barça sealed their close victory against Osasuna with a goal from Jordi Alba. A communiqué from the Barcelona entity has alerted that the sports director, one of the pillars of Joan Laporta, He will end his contractual relationship on July 1, despite the fact that his relationship with the Barça club was until 2024.

Alemany, according to the statement, has explained to the Barca president that he wants to start a new professional phase, but at the same time has guaranteed that “he will complete the summer market with the entity, even if there is one that takes place on the last day of the market”.

The departure of Alemany has caused perplexity in the Barcelona environment, due to being unexpected and due to the sudden communication, despite the fact that the club ensures that it is a “friendly” break.


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