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MasterChef India Winner: Nayanjyoti Saikia of Assam won MasterChef India, got Rs 25 lakh along with the gleaming trophy

MasterChef India Winner: India’s biggest and popular cooking reality show MasterChef India-7 has got its winner. This year, Nayanjyoti Saikia of Assam has won the title of MasterChef India. Nayanjyoti won everyone’s heart in the show with her superb cooking skills and also with her simplicity and truthfulness. After overcoming many difficult challenges for weeks, Nayanjyoti has now become the winner of MasterChef India.

Journey started with 36 contestants
MasterChef India 7 show started with 36 contestants. After this, the top 16 contestants were selected and then the final match took place between the top 7. Beating all these, home cook Nayanjyoti Saikia has become the winner of MasterChef India.

Nayanjyoti Saikia has received a glittering trophy after winning the cooking reality show. Along with this, he has also got a reward of Rs 25 lakh. Santa Sarmah of Assam became the first runner-up of the show and Suvarna Bagul of Mumbai became the second runner-up. Both the runner-ups have been given a reward of Rs 5 lakh.

This year MasterChef India was judged by Chef Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora. At the same time, Sanjeev Kapoor graced the grand finale of the show with his presence.

What did Nayanjyoti Saikia say on becoming the winner of MasterChef India?
After winning the show, Nayanjyoti Saikia said in a conversation with Pinkvilla that she never thought that she would be able to participate in MasterChef India. Nayanjyoti said- I still cannot believe that I have spent so many weeks in the kitchen of MasterChef India. Eventually I won the show. It was my dream to join the show. Not only did I become a part of it, but I also won the show. It is like a dream come true.

What are the future plans of Nayanjyoti Saikia?

Talking about future plans, Nayanjyoti said- I have not thought about future plans yet. But along with cooking, I love to travel, so I am planning to make a vlog on food and culture of North East, because people have liked it. This will also help me to get a chance to work in big restaurants.


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