Friday, September 22, 2023

Martino will not play Messi against the Red Bulls!

Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino has hinted that Lionel Messi may not be in the starting XI for the Major League Soccer (MLS) final against the New York Red Bulls. This game will be seen at 5:30 on Sunday, Bangladesh time.

Within a month, Lionel Messi played a total of eight matches, including the semi-finals of the Leagues Cup and the US Open Cup held on Wednesday.

Asked whether Messi will play in the next match, Martino told reporters that no decision has been made yet. “We will talk to the players after practice and then take a decision,” he said. They have been rested since the match against Cincinnati’.

Messi’s absence could be a major disappointment to thousands of fans as premium tickets are sold out for the match at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

But Martino said he would not be swayed by such factors.

He said, ‘I understand that the whole world is waiting to see Messi. But I can’t base my decision on it because that leaves the risk of making a wrong decision. Whether Messi can play or not is my main concern.

However, if Messi is advised to rest, he may not rest, said the Argentine coach. “Messi has wanted to play every match throughout his career but sometimes you have to convince him to rest so he can recover,” he said. I don’t pay attention to outside pressure in deciding when he plays and when he doesn’t play’.

Since the arrival of Messi, Inter Miami has had one success after another. After winning the Leagues Cup, this time the hand of winning the US Open Cup is in front of Messi. However, Inter Miami is at the bottom of the points table with 5 wins in 22 matches in Major League Soccer.

(26 Aug/SI)


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