Friday, September 29, 2023

Martín wins in Misano with a fabulous Pedrosa close to him

First festival ducati at home, in Misano. Again the from Madrid Jorge Martin (Ducati) on the crest of the wave, not only dominating the entire sprint race (13 laps, half as many as tomorrow), but also starting from the pole position that he had achieved three hours earlier with a prodigious lap.

Martín, furthermore, although he still cannot scare the champion ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati)who, overcoming the chilling accident he suffered in montmelo and due to the pain he suffers in his left ankle, he has finished on the podium, in third position, harassed by a marvelous Dani Pedrosa (KTM), who crossed the finish line in fourth position and, therefore, leading, at 37 years old, the Austrian team. Of course, Martín has scratched five points today from Bagnaia, who, like tomorrow, with twice the number of laps, cannot get on the podium.

Career without history

The race did not have much history, except for a very clean dominance by Martín, who started from the first position on the grid, who did not allow himself to take that place away. Marco Bezzecchi (Ducati)always second although close to the Pramac Ducati rider, and who concluded crossing the finish line with a certain advantage over ‘Bezz’, the man of Valentino Rossi in MotoGP.

After Martín and Bezzecchi, Bagnaia, who remains the leader of the championship, with 267 points, won the bronze and close to him, very close, too close, Pedrosa crossed the finish line, who, repeating his impeccable and decisive Friday, was the best driver of the Austrian firm KTM, because Brad Binder, although he tried, was unable to surpass the legendary Honda rider, who already played a great role in Jerez and who this weekend, in Misano, continues to be one of the protagonists of the GP .

“I would like to remember now, after the victory, Mike Trimby, creator of the team association, who has suddenly left us”

Jorge Martín – Pilot of the Pramac Ducati

“The first thing I want to say,” said Martín as soon as he got off his Ducati (by the way, three Ducatis on the podium and ninth victory in 12 races for the Borgo Panigale firm), “what I want to express is my condolences. to the family of Mike Trimby, the person who created the team association. As for the race, very, very happy, because although the bike was skidding a lot and Marco (Bezzecchi) gave me firm pressure, I controlled the pace at all times and I have never seen victory in danger.”

Bagnaia, for his part, was in pain, but elated. “Considering what happened in Barcelona, ​​considering the situation arising from that accident and the pain I suffer in my left foot, we must be very, very happy because we finished third, we are still leaders and, although the feeling has not been the best “We have resisted.”

Drivers’ World Cup: 1. ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Italy, Ducati), 267 points; 2. Jorge Martín (Spain, Ducati), 222; 3. Marco Bezzecchi (Italy, Ducati), 198; 4. Brad Binder (South Africa, KTM), 171 and 5. Aleix Espargaró (Spain, Aprilia, 156).


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