Monday, December 11, 2023

Márquez: “Whoever does not want risk, stay at home”

It is the icon of world. It’s the championship smile. It is the spitting image of the winner, the artist, the photo of MotoGP, the mirror of what the races are and represent. Passion. Risk. Ability. mischief. Courage. Dare.

Marc Marquez Alentá (Sling) is, at 30 years old, the best announcement of the World Cup. When he’s not around, everything is more predictable, boring, more monotonous, less attractive, zero passion and less spectacle.

That’s why they fear him. That’s why they respect you. That’s why they watch it. That is why they criticize the least daring, risky action that he stars in. Just one piece of information: he’s back, at Le Mans, after a month and a half of not touching a racing motorcycle after fracturing his most important finger, his right thumb, he narrowly achieved pole position yesterday and narrowly finished on the podium in the sprint GP.

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How can they not fear it? How can they not watch it? For him, for his grit, for his passion, for his courage, for his determination, ‘Peco’ Bagnaia (Ducati) yesterday he lost the sprint race, as the Italian champion had to fight, with his arms, fairings, with him to get on the podium and while the champion from Cervera made life and the race difficult for the Italian, Jorge Martin (Ducati) was able to get away to win and Brad Binder (KTM) took the silver medal.

mess with marquez

After seeing the way in which Márquez has returned to the World Championship, the sentence of the entire ‘paddock’ remains firm: if Marc had a Ducati they would not see his hair and he would win with one hand. Even the ‘signore’ Bagnaia knows this, who protested a bit yesterday (“no, I didn’t protest, Marc’s overtaking was to the limit, but that’s right, the bad thing is that they penalized me for something similar”), but he narrowed the Márquez’s hand when seen, later, by the ‘paddock’.

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«It seems the fashionable exercise: whatever happens, it is my fault. It’s very easy to criticize the one below, but I don’t care. I already said on Friday, in the meeting with the commissioners, that this is a sport where you crash and we must take those risks. Those who do not want risk, stay at home, “commented Márquez, with his usual smile but with the forcefulness and support of being the biggest on the grid, since he has 234 grand prizes, 8 world titles, 139 podiums, 85 victories, 92 pole positions and 75 fastest laps, can anyone give more?

“It seems that, now, the fashionable exercise is to mess with Márquez for his overtaking. This is MotoGP, this is motorcycling, pure adrenaline”

Marc Márquez – Repsol Honda Team rider

Márquez defends that overtaking is the sauce of motorcycling. «This is a sport, but also a show. There are those who overtake on the straight lines and those of us who have to risk our lives, or the fall, overtaking in the curves. But both of us know what the movie is about. This is a very old story, motorcycle racing has always been like this. Now, when you spend, as I spent in Portimão, zas!, sanction to the song. It is what it touches ».

Both Márquez and the Australian Jack Miller (KTM), another gladiator, defended, last Friday, in the meeting with the stewards where they talked about the impetus and aggressiveness of the drivers, that this is racing and you have to have a certain permissiveness with overtaking. “It is not us, the pilots, who must decide where to set the bar, it must be them, the commissioners, and, from there, sanction the same action equally.”


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