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Márquez: “I need to have fun on the bike again, because it is the only way to win”

Marc Márquez affirms, from Indonesia, that he has chilled his sports career.  /

Marc Márquez affirms, from Indonesia, that he has chilled his sports career. /

Before facing the massive press conference, the day before the start of the Indonesian Grand Prix, Marc Márquez has just made some small statements before the microphone by Izaskun Ruiz, from DAZNwhich, without a doubt, will be the summary of what he will comment to the journalists traveling to Mandalika. In them, MM93 He assures that, above everything and everyone, his decision has been dominated by the intention of wanting, trying, to relaunch his sporting career, which he does not believe is over by any means. “I want to have fun on the motorcycle again, because it is the only way to win again,” commented the eldest Márquez, who, in 2024, will once again share a workshop with his brother Alex.

It has been a very, very, very complicated decision to make.“, Márquez began by commenting. “Especially last week was an emotionally tough week, because we decided everything on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, we informed Honda in Japan, and they immediately released the statement.”

“I need to recover the enthusiasm for competing, for coming to the races, for riding a MotoGP and that is what we will try in the Gresini team next year”

Marc Márquez

The harshness of the decision is due, according to the driver from Cervera (Lleida), to the fact that “it was a decision thinking only about my sporting career, which I want to continue for many more years and for that I needed and need, since I have not yet done so. found, that I had the enthusiasm to compete, to come to the races, to have fun on the track, to have fun driving a MotoGP, which is the only way to win again. And that is what we will try to do next year in the Gresini team.”

And Márquez spoke again about abandoning the comfort that continuing in the Repsol Honda team would provide him and entering into a new project, which he does not know how it will turn out. “I thought it was necessary to leave my comfort zone, which was Honda, of course, because it was very good there, they have always treated me very well, with an incredible 11-year relationship. At Honda, I had everything under control, I knew where the bike was going, a good salary, everything helped, really, but I have prioritized my sporting career and I have done it looking for that fun and I have chosen the Gresini team, with which I am Tomorrow we signed the pre-agreement, we had nothing advanced, I have confirmed that I will race with them and now we have to polish all the details.”


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