Monday, December 11, 2023

Mario Alonso Puig recommends promoting well-being in employees

The pandemic of covid-19 allowed a change of mentality in the business world. Previously, there was a focus on the benefits that the company would obtain. Now, in addition, they worry about the welfareboth of its collaborators and of the people who are impacted by its operations.

This is how the doctor explained it Mario Alonso Puigduring the conference “The winning mentality”, organized by Humano Seguros, where he specified that, “in the face of the brutal drop in people’s efficiency, (companies) are beginning to take an interest in their health.”

Puig highlighted the need to design programs that benefit the teams, where leaders are trained to inspire and motivate other collaborators.

“Leaders are essential people because they are the ones who generate change”, he assured, when highlighting the role they have, since when there is a mental block, they are the ones who carry a voice of hope. “When there are many people who are anchored and doubting, a leader arrives and changes the way, where there was a wall, he opens a path.”

For this reason, it is important to promote the teamwork. “Human beings are capable of facing difficulties when we are united, when we collaborate,” said the speaker and author.

The mental and emotional health expert stressed that it is important to be clear about the priorities that you have as a person and as a team, “because in the confusion that exists in the world, you have them clear or someone will expose and use their priorities through you.”

humble leadership

During his presentation, he stressed the importance of leaders staying humble and listen to the opinions of others without focusing on your status. “When a person has a lot of experience and increases in status, it is especially challenging to be humble,” Puig said.

“Be careful not to believe that because you have more experience the younger person can’t help you; Be careful if you are a younger person with the belief that because you know the technologies much better, the experience of older people is useless, “she reflected, stating that”we all need each other but for that you have to be willing to let go of your status.”

As part of the changes that are taking place in the world, he recommended having some priorities and values: first it is important to embrace the challenge; looking for improvement and contributing, that is, being willing to help, above maintaining status.

control of emotions

According to the expert, it is important that leaders pay attention to the management of emotions, since they can affect the productivity of their collaborators and, incidentally, their physical and mental health.

He highlighted as the most dangerous the anger, fear and guilt, since they can prevent people from relating correctly. He assured that habitual problems should be tried to be solved without these emotions controlling people.

About the management of stressspecified that in most cases it is understood that the pressure is received externally, but, as he explained, most of it occurs in the mind.

“A lot of the pressure we are generating with our way of thinking. How many times have we not blocked ourselves because we have started thinking about it saying that it is very difficult, ”she indicated.


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