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“Marc Márquez will help us so that MotoGP goes up like a rocket”

It comes directly from the nbawhere have you gone Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Media. He arrives to fan the fire of passion, dissemination and, above all, he says, to turn MotoGP fans into the center of the show helped, of course, by the tribe of Marc Márquez, the driver who, according to him, more and better represents the spirit of racing. He American Dan Rossomondo (Red Bank, New Jersey, 1973) He has come to make the ‘paddock’ even happier. He is the one who must say, starting now!, what image the most colorful World Championship in the world of motorsport should have and how to continue growing in admirers throughout the world.

Why this change from the NBA to the MotoGP World Championship?

MotoGP is a global sport, which combines technological innovation with the skill, athletic component and skill of the riders. They are the heroes of our show and the sport is very, very spectacular. Right now, MotoGP is perfectly positioned to cultivate its fan base while attracting new audiences, with incredible scope to push boundaries and seize new opportunities. The pace of the races is hectic and the passion of the drivers, the people in the paddock and the millions of fans is something very, very special. This is a global sport because it is in dozens of countries and millions of fans are passionate about it.

“The pilots are our heroes. They have to help us win over more fans. They must believe the role they have”

What are your main objectives in this new stage?

I’m not worried about the sport as such, because MotoGP, by itself, is already the most spectacular sport that exists, because it is explosive, attractive and vibrant. My mission will be to attract all kinds of people, from big companies, investors, media and fans to show them how beast our sport is as a show. I am interested in the business, the ‘show’, the fans and the interaction with them.

Everyone praises the MotoGP TV broadcasts, what do you think?

The television product is amazing, brutal. I would say unique, better than F-1. And it is that when you see everything behind it, those 160 cameras with which you do not lose detail, you come to the conclusion that our level of technology is unique. It is impossible to generate more emotion than MotoGP generates.

I would say that another of his missions could be to increase the dialogue with manufacturers, sponsors and teams so that they contribute more than they do now.

Of course, of course. On Thursday in Assen (June 22) we will have a meeting, a kind of seminar, with all the MotoGP teams, because this is everyone’s business: factories, teams, sponsors, organizers, riders, representatives… We are not going to tell you how it works. they do things. We are not going to give them fish, we want to teach them to fish, we want to create a work community, involving all of us, to transform the championship, sell and count as a collective.

What role do you give to the pilots in this new way of counting the championship?

The pilots and the fans are the center of our project and, in this sense, the pilots have to understand that they are the stars and they have to be available to their sport, to promote it and do everything possible to attract more fans. They are our heroes and they must believe the role they have, which is very, very important. The teams and drivers are vital to us and we want to help them grow. And, in that sense, perhaps in the past we made a mistake by not allowing them to use images of our championship to interact with the fans. That is going to change, but we want to go together, hand in hand, in all that promotion. We want to help them make noise, to spread the benefits, the attractiveness and passion of our sport. We must do this ‘win win’ (win, win) together. But yes, the pilots should be proud to be our stars.

Do you have the feeling that Marc Márquez could be the leader of the relaunch that you are designing?

There are several riders on the MotoGP grid who can play that role, yes, but of course it is clear that the one who best represents the values ​​and spirit of MotoGP is Marc. Yes, Marc is our best ambassador: smile, professionalism, competitiveness, passion , zero excuses, courage, showiness, risk… I met him in Jerez, the day the ‘Garaje 93’ opened and I saw him very committed to the idea of ​​relaunching MotoGP and on the horse of changes. Looking at the children and young people who were at that party, he told me “I want to be an example for all of them and that is why I try not to disappoint them.” Marc can help us make MotoGP go up like a rocket.

“We want to put the fans at the center of our ‘show’ and that they enjoy themselves before, during and after the races”

I see that you do not want comparisons with F-1.

I’m sorry but there is nothing like MotoGP, we only have to worry about how to improve our product and enlarge our audience, the number of fans. The other day, in the company of my 17-year-old son, I watched an episode of the F-1 series ‘Drive to Survive’, on Netflix, and, a few days later, we sat together on the sofa at home to watch the F-1 Bahrain GP. Suddenly my son told me: “Dad, the series is much better than the race.” Weeks later I took him to the US MotoGP GP, in Austin, and at the end of the race, he told me: “Dad, this is inhuman, it belongs to aliens, unique.” And he was right, our pilots are capable of controlling what seems uncontrollable.

Is the GP model Le Mans?

The impressive public success that we experienced at Le Mans, a record with 278,805 spectators, produced a great impact in the autosport media. Normal. We must ensure that every weekend is like that of Le Mans: free admission for children under 16 years of age, a magnificent ‘speaker’ and a perfect public address system throughout the track, affordable tickets, activity before and after the races… and, Yes, we must also help the promoters and the circuits to better organize their weekends and for that we are preparing a group of our people to help them in everything they need.


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