Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Marbella celebrates a new edition of the Winter Swimming Journey on March 19

Presentation of the swim.

Presentation of the swim.

The beach of La Salida in San Pedro Alcántara, the population center of the Malaga municipality of Marbella, will host on March 19, starting at 11:00 a.m., the IV Winter Swimming Journey, a test, organized by the City Council, in which participants must travel a distance of 2,000 meters.

The Councilor for Sports Activities of San Pedro, Javier Mérida, and the representative of the Resist 4 club, David Fernández, have informed about this event, in which close to a hundred athletes have already registered and which will have a triangular circuit.

The mayor has highlighted “the progress that swimming in open water is acquiring in the municipality” and has encouraged participation in the journey since there are still places that can be accessed through free registration on the web

For his part, Fernández has indicated that “the distance is very affordable for swimmers of any level” and has also stressed that “in the municipality there are very good conditions to practice this modality in the winter months.”


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