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Maradona of Naples, Maradona of Naples

The pride of Milan and Juventus in northern Italy was crushed, and Maradona was brought to Napoli in the south for a world record transfer fee at that time. He eventually became the king of Naples The city of Naples, the Napoli club seem to love him more than Argentina. He repaid this love with both hands.

On the day of Maradona’s presentation, almost a quarter of a million fans were present at the stadium. Maradona won the Scudetto, UEFA Cup and League Cup during his time. He came as an angel from heaven to the city of Naples, which the northern Italians despised as a plague-ridden city. The whole of Italy was enthralled by the two-legged rhythm of the Argentine magician.

With Digvijay, he almost escaped and left Italy, getting involved in things like mafia, cocaine, women or tax evasion. From then on, Napoli, who was in heaven, began his journey to hell. Once they found themselves in Serie B. After that, the financial crisis also fell to Serie C.

After that Maradona’s favorite club got hurt. With the change of ownership, they started to rise again. It didn’t take long for the club from Naples to rise to Serie A. The story of the crazy owner of that time may be known to everyone.

Marek Hamsik, Gonzalo Higuain, Lorenzo Insigne tried their best. Mauricio Sarri showed his coaching charisma. But the Scudetto remains elusive. Playing a lot of anti-Italian free-flowing football under Spallotti, he put Napoli back on the Italian throne after 33 years in the 2022-23 season. This time his commanders were Osimen and Kavaratskhelia Neapolitans fondly call this Cavaradonna as Cavaradonna. Their new Maradona.

Football god Diego Maradona may be sitting in heaven watching his beloved club regain its throne. The Scudetto is not just a trophy for Maradona or the city of Naples. It is their response to deprivation and humiliation, their liberation song.

Congratulations Napoli. Congratulations City of Naples. Also congratulations Diego Maradona. They learned to love football so much because of you.

(11 May/MM)


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