Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Manresa-Unicaja: Win and hope for a miracle in Tenerife

The Manresa-Unicaja caused havoc in Malaga a few months ago. The Catalans were a physical equipment, compact that passed over a team from Malaga that at that time was far from fighting for great challenges. The reality now is radically different. This Saturday (8:45 p.m.), with an eye on what is happening in Tenerifethe compositor team will look for a victory in the New Congost to fulfill his part of the miracle… and finish quarters! the first round of the league

The team of The Guindos already sealed before him Breogan his presence in the Badalona Cup, but nobody is “satisfied” with that if you can aspire to more. The Unicaja he does not depend on himself to close the first round in the top 4. As an essential condition you will have to win and then you will have to wait. The Tenerife receives at the same time Betis of louis casimirowho travels to the islands in search of a new leader on the track, after the departure of Shannon Evans. From Malaga it will be necessary to almost pray to witness a victory for the people of Seville.

However, even if the seeding is not achieved, a cashier victory in the New Congost (which will not be easy either) would mean signing a balance of 12 wins and 5 losses at the end of the first lap, and the fifth position (at least). For now, it is a record that would have been signed in the month of August almost with closed eyes. Now, taking the perspective of the last few months and how the work has been, the way in this first part of the season has been worthy of a very high note.

To continue adding points to that final grade from the distant month of June, the Unicaja will seek to beat Manresa. Dario Brizuela He has not traveled to Catalan lands after recently experiencing the birth of his first child. So she will return to the dynamic Mario Saint-Supery. The one who will also be, already fully integrated after having his first full week of work in Malaga, is Yankuba Sima. The pivot, along with ibon navarro Y KravishThey return this Saturday to what was their home in a special match for the three of them along with other reunions.

From chaos to competitiveness

After an almost catastrophic start to the season in the Endesa League, the Baxi Manresa of Pedro Martinez He has found in recent weeks, thanks to numerous changes in the squad, the way to compete. It is true that he does not win-he is the penultimate ranked-but he does fight until the final moments. The true reflection of the situation is that in the bages They have already released nine players from the team they made in summer.

Jerrick Harding He is one of those who has kept Manresa on their feet at many moments of the competition. The American is the second highest scorer in the ACB with 16.5 points, 2.1 assists and a PIR of 11.5. Another of the highlights this season is well known for the “Green Tide”: adam waczynski. The Pole is currently the player with the best percentage from the triple -57.5%- with 11.6 points, 2 rebounds and a PIR of 11.9. The third of the trio to watch is Daniel Perezthe third player who distributes the most assists per game -6.4-.

In addition, other players stand out such as the excajista Frankie Ferrari (7.8 points, 3.7 assists), juampi vaulet (8.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, 9.9 PIR), jordan caroline (9.8 points, 6 rebounds, 7.3 PIR), devin robinson (13.5 points, 4 rebounds, 11 PIR) and Martinas Geben (12 points, 5.2 rebounds, 11.6 PIR).

However, the coach from Manresa will face the game with serious problems and that is that some of the players will come to the match against the Malaga team affected by a virus, although Pedro Martinez He did not want to name names.

The Unicaja has already met the goal of being in the Badalona King’s Cup, but he can still dream of being seeded and there are mathematical possibilities… it’s the big moment. For now, the compositor team is going to put an end to the first round this Saturday, and the setting is practically unbeatable. Everything is in the hands of basketball. I hope it brings us many joys.

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