Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Manolo Gaspar does not close the door to more signings and departures

Manolo Gaspar accompanied Lago Junior, Julián Delmás and Arvin Appiah during his presentation and was asked about the blue and white news in reference to the transfer market. The blue and white sports director pointed out that they are “calm, with their homework done”, but did not rule out that “While the market is open there may be some incorporation or some exit”. “My job is to improve the team with what we can,” she added.

“With the departures of two extremes, two extremes have arrived. They are different characteristics, but the amount is the same. The winter market is for that, to replace injuries and improve things.” “They are players who come to contribute to our outside game. Julián arrives because of Juanfran’s departure. Due to Haitam’s departures and injury, we had that need, it is what we are looking for from them. They are one-on-one players, verticality, stepping on the rival area, direct. Lago has versatility and a lot of knowledge of soccer in the Second Division. Appiah is youngerit was a big investment from Almería, it has the characteristics we are looking for”, he said about the three new additions.

The leader from Palo is suffering harsh criticism from the blue and white fans, who, match after match at home, are calling for him to leave. Manolo does not feel “pressure” and claims to be “stronger than ever.” I face it with professionalism and trying to do the best for the entity. I think about the present and the future. Having a clear head to make decisions. I think about contributing from my plot everything possible so that the players can perform. A situation like this is not pretty for anyone, None of us thought so at the beginning. You have to focus on improving. There was more pressure in my first market, with 18 chips and without a penny. Now it’s up to the players on the pitch to speak,” he explained.

Asked specifically about the situation in Lumor, Manolo Gaspar was blunt: “The situation is clear, He went on vacation and had some homework to do and didn’t do it on time. She has joined later than her colleagues without justification. A file has been opened and we are in the period of allegations. Meanwhile, he is one more player. He is not physically well, he has less training than the other teammates”. Even so, he prefers to focus on the union of all levels of the club. “I make an assessment, with the shitty situation we have, now worry about Lumor… This gives us leads to request union, we are in a screwed up situation. We all have to get out of this with optimism, desire… I have explained your case. He came for a long-term injury, he spent two weeks training and the coach agreed. We gave the OK between all and the performance is what we have seen so far. And add that of Christmas. His teammates are ahead, when he reaches the same conditions, he will be another tool. That a player arrives late, with the level of commitment we have, annoys me a lot. He will have to train twice as much as the others,” he asserted.

Lastly, he was asked about Dani Lorenzo, whose loan to AD Mérida became official this Thursday morning. “It is an operation looking at the club. We have great confidence in him, it is a decision made by all of us. We want Dani to come next year to be important in the first team. He was going to have little prominence, it’s a shame. The player is made by playing. He has gone to compete in two categories higher than our subsidiary. We want him to return with his legs loaded with minutes in a strong category. We have high expectations for him.” concluded.


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