Thursday, March 23, 2023

manage success

5 months ago, many would think I’m crazy if I wrote this, but the good news has multiplied at Unicaja in such a way that we have gone from doubting a team with many changes and “little physicality” to believing in an invincible team. Success has come sooner than expected and now you have to know how to handle it. My experience tells me that these processes are easier within the teams, if they have a solvent staff and sensible players, than in the so-called “environment”. That group formed by managers, journalists and fans. It is time to enjoy, it is not every day that success like this is achieved, but also to think and continue working.

Juanjo Brizuela, Darío’s uncle, spoke these days in an opinion article in El Correo Vasco about the great difference between deserving and obtaining, and how sometimes the former does not lead to the latter. In this idyllic Cup, the compositor team has achieved both. After beating Barcelona and Real Madrid, or perhaps only after beating the blaugrana, the team would have already deserved the praise and would have met their goals, even if they hadn’t won the title. The achievement of the Cup is the reward for a job that would have been just as good, even if they had lost the final, but surely it would not be so recognized. Now comes the hard part, managing that success and staying as close to it as possible.

In this sport and in life the only thing that remains stable is change and although we only like to change when we lose, we should not miss the opportunity to change when we win. Normally when you lose you feel forced to change, to imitate the one who has already won and to enter a path that does not always lead to victory. When you win, it is the others who are looking for your formulas and it is you who must advance to lead the way. If you are Real Madrid, Barcelona or Anadolu Efes you can allow yourself certain moments of relaxation because you have so much talent and so much money to buy it that you can hold on top. If you are Unicaja you must keep advancing, standing still is going backwards, because you depend on a team formation that others can copy. Come on, if you have Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro and company from 2006 on your squad, it’s more difficult for them to reach you than if you have a team made up of 10 players who distribute minutes, fight and are a team. It is one more model within everyone’s reach. Spain “invented” the “Tiki-Taka” and months later Germany appropriated and improved the system to also be world champion and put an end to our country’s football dominance.

Experts on these topics talk about planning, acting with humility, avoiding being obsessed with success (victories), working and assuming that successes and failures are part of the game (not tending to blame others for failures and appropriating successes). ). I am sure that this evolution is already taking place within the team. From the Ibon Navarro staff, to the players, to the club and to the board of directors who command that successful pairing made up of Antonio Jesús López Nieto and Juanma Rodríguez. The environment probably has to do homework. Fans and journalists, I include myself of course, we are more lovers of white or black. We don’t like gray and shades. It’s time to enjoy, but to know that more complicated moments will come this season, due to injuries or results, but that this team is the same one that made us happy a few days ago. That this year 10 signings out of 10 have been successful, in the personal sphere and in sports, but that this situation is unrepeatable, and if you have any doubts you can ask in Manresa, but that the professionals are the same ones who are working today in the club.

This weekend the ACB returns the team to the reality of the competition after the wonderful celebrations of the last few days. With the first objective accomplished, the second must be the BCL, without losing sight of the league playoffs. A competition that becomes increasingly difficult due to the movements in the rivals’ market, a great signing of Tenerife with Bolmaro for example, although now Unicaja has an advantage. The pressure is on them. Luck.


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