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Mallorca embraces permanence and puts Cádiz in trouble

Mallorca is virtually a First Division team after defeating Cádiz 1-0 with a goal from Paul Maffeo in Son Moix and add 44 points that will allow them to calmly face the final four days, all this, at the expense of a Cadista team that is left at the expense of what they do against their direct rivals so as not to fall into the relegation zone.

Javier Aguirre coach of the vermillions had stated that 42 points gave him “tranquility” for the decisive phase the championship.

His team has exceeded that figure and celebrated with his fans in midfieldas if it were a title, which will be the third consecutive season in the highest category of Spanish football.

Mallorca has a clear horizon in the final stretch. Not so Cádizwho gets into trouble with three teams from the lower zone that are on his heels: Getafe, Valencia and Valladolid.

The two teams faced the clash with many novelties in their ranks. Aguirre placed the Ghanaian midfielder Idrissu Baba in the center of the defense due to the absence of defenders Antonio Raillo, Giovanni González, Matija Nastasic and Ludwig Agustinsson, injured.

Sergio González, for his part, also moved the bench after the 5-1 defeat against Atlético de Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano and recovered the central defender Luis Hernández, who was out due to suspension last day.

The Cadista team was superior in the first minutes, although It did not reach the goal of the Serbian goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic with danger. Yes, Mallorca did it on the first occasion they had: Pablo Maffeo headed in a ball that had bounced off the crossbar after the intervention of the Argentine goalkeeper Conan Ledesma on a header from Baba.

The vermillions decided from that moment, with an advantage on the scoreboard, cede dominance to the yellow team. The objective was to take advantage of the counterattacks against an opponent forced to look for an equalizer, but that was not what happened.

Mallorca continued on the defensive, although they did not find ways to give balls to Vedat Muriqi. At the start of the second half, Cádiz created the best chances, risking just enough against an opponent determined to defend Maffeo’s goal.

aguirre decided to bring on Antonio Sánchez and Dani Rodríguezwho entered the field through Jaume Costa and Amath Ndiayé: Sánchez moved to the right of the defense and Maffeo passed to the left.

Sergio, for his part, responded with a triple substitution with the aim of reinforcing his attack: Negredo, Bongonda and Alcaraz replaced Guardiola, Alejo and San Emeterio.

The course of the actions did not change: the vermillions defended in their field without losing sight of a counterattack that sentenced the crash; the team from Cádiz had the ball but could not find spaces in the rival defense.

The most dangerous play of the visitors, a ball that the goalkeeper Rajkovic sent to the crossbar, was annulled for offside by Negredo.

The last bullet from coach Sergio González in the final stretch was the Honduran nationalized Spanish Choco Lozano, who tried, but like his teammates, without success. The Majorca could sentence with a header from Muriqi that he went astray by very little; andl Cádiz also had it in an agonizing final stretch.

The match ended with a disallowed goal to Kang In Lee for offside when goalkeeper Conan Ledesma had left his goal to finish off a corner in the Majorcan area.

Data sheet:

1 – Majorca: Rajkovic; Maffeo, Valjent, Copete, Costa (Antonio Sánchez, min. 62); Morlanes (Grenier, min. 82), Baba, Ruiz de Galarreta; Ndiayé (Dani Rodríguez, min. 62), Muriqi, Kang In Lee.

0 Cadiz: Ledesma; Carcelén, Hernández, Fali (Arzamendia, min. 92), Espino; Escalante, San Emeterio (Rubén Alcaraz, min. 66); Ramos, Sobrino (Choco Lozano, min. 80), Alejo (Bongonda, min. 66); Guardiola (Negredo, min. 66).

Goals: 1-0 min. 15: Maffeo.

Referee: Sánchez Martínez (Murcian Committee). He showed yellow cards to Manu Morlanes (min. 31), Jaume Costa (min. 54), Ruiz de Galarreta (min. 58), Kang In Lee (min. 49), Maffeo (min. 95) from Mallorca; Chris Ramos (min. 7), Alejo (min. 64), José Mari (when he was warming up in the band, min. 68), Escalante (min. 75) from Cádiz;

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fourth day of LaLiga played at the Son Moix stadium in front of 15,377 spectators. The players from Mallorca and Cádiz made a corridor for Mallorca Palma Futsal, champion of the Futsal Champions League. Carlos Barrón, captain of the five from Palma, made the kick-off.


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