Thursday, November 30, 2023

Málaga CF’s midfield loses spark

Beyond the point achieved against Real Madrid Castilla, the draw Malaga CF Last Saturday has left several very important issues to reflect on. The most obvious is the lack of a goal after the team left without piercing the rival goal. The problem is that it is not the only one and all eyes now point to the machine base: the center of the field.

Precisely, it is a demarcation that has a lot of troops and gamers: Ramón, Genaro, Juanpe, Sangalli, Dani Lorenzo and Manu Molina. However, the quality of all of them has not been translated into performance on the pitch. A deficit that has caused a notable decline in this position and several problems in Málaga CF’s game.

The leaders, waiting to return

The main reason is because of the casualties. In fact, waiting to return are the two great pillars. Sergio Pellicer has not yet been able to count on Ramón, the great director of this team. His return could take place in mid-November, but there is still noWe will have to wait much longer for him to return to form. that Málaga CF needs in order to not fall from the highest positions in the category.

Sangalli and Ramón, in training. Alex Zea

The one he has had is Sangalli. The Basque midfielder has led the midfield during this start of the season. He has not always been a starter, but the truth is that he has left great demonstrations of quality and his ability to make the rest of his teammates play. The bad news is that he will be absent for several games. He already missed the team against Castilla and everything indicates that he will also not be against Antequera.

Lower performance

Another very different situation is what the rest of the midfield footballers are experiencing. A very clear case is that of Manu Molina. The blue and white coach has given him the steering keys. However, the results have not been anything like what was expected. The team has been lacking ideas, proposals and without any depth. The Huelva native has lacked verticality, over-mashing the ball and having a high percentage of backward passes.

Juanpe is one of those who has suffered a drop in form. Alex Zea

Juanpe and Dani Lorenzo They began the preseason with a good feeling, giving an evident example of what both could offer: the man from Cádiz, with a lethal ability to score goals from the second line, and the youth player to create those chances. The bad news is that both have faded, neither has yet found that state of form that promised so much joy in the summer. Of course, Pellicer continues to give them rotation minutes to recover the best version of both.

The fact that It has been more regular, for better and for worseis Genaro. The Sevillian continues with those mistakes that make you get up from your seat, but he is also one of those who generates the most chances in favor and the one who supports the team from the pivot.

This Sunday, for now, Antequera arrives, being the great revolution of the course due to its good football. So Pellicer will need the best of all his players to fight for the three points in El Maulí. An objective that must be achieved by recovering the version expected from all the players who come together in the Málaga CF core.


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