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Málaga CF’s best streak in 21 years: 11 games in a row without losing

Málaga CF is not going through its best moment of play. The multitude of injuries, in an already short squad, have stopped the football streak. However, while doubts remain on the grass, the same is not true of the results. The beginning of Martiricos, if you look at the different markers, is historic in recent years.

The blue and white team adds so far 11 consecutive games without knowing defeat. Since they lost against Castellón in the first match of the season (2-1), Sergio Pellicer’s men have not lost a single one of the following duels. He suffered in some draws such as Recreativo de Huelva or Córdoba itself, in the penalty shootout in the Copa del Rey against Barakaldo, but nothing more. In all of them they have added points or have made it to the next round of the ko tournament

Well, such is the streak that Málaga CF has not achieved a moment of form like this since… 2002!! That is to say, 21 years later, the team has managed to play more than 10 games without losing because the truth is that it had achieved the ten in two seasons: 2012/13 with Manuel Pellegrini and 2009/10 with Juan Ramón López Muñiz. However, that had been the limit for all of them. Neither EuroMálaga nor any of the promotion attempts or promotions themselves had managed to achieve such results.

2002 streak

That 2002 team, then led by Joaquín Peiró in his last stretch as a legend on the blue and white bench, had a spectacular start to the season because it was in the first games when the streak hit. In fact, up to four competitions joined it at the beginning: the unforgettable Intertoto that Málaga CF conqueredthe league itself, the Copa del Rey and also the UEFA Cup.

Peiró’s Málaga has gone 15 games in a row without losing. Arciniega

Well He did not lose a single match from July 20 to October 27: Gent (3-0), Gent (1-1), Willem II (2-1), Willem II (0-1), Villarreal (0-1), Villarreal (1-1) – all of these belong to the Intertoto- Recreativo de Huelva (2-3), Extremadura (1-1), Rayo Vallecano (2-1), Zeljeznicar (0-0), Valencia (2-2), Celta (2-2), Zeljeznicar (1 -0), Atlético de Madrid (3-1) and Athletic de Bilbao (1-1). A balance of 8 wins and 7 draws for remain undefeated for three long months.

2023 Streak

The current Málaga CF, for now, has 11 games: Atlético de Madrid B (2-1), Atlético Baleares (1-2), Recreativo Granada (3-0), Linares (0-1), San Fernando (1-0), Recreativo de Huelva (1-1) , Melilla (1-0), Real Madrid Castilla (0-0), Antequera (0-2), Barakaldo (0(2-4)0) and Córdoba (1-1). On this occasion, 8 wins and 3 draws to remain undefeated since September 2.

The circumstances now are radically different. There is no European title involved and the reality is that the team is in the third category of Spanish football. However, the first step to going up is not to lose. The negative issue is that not even this streak allows the blue and white team to lead Group 2 of the First RFEF, as it has encountered two other teams like Castellón or Ibiza with an imperial state that devastates everyone.

Haitam’s goal allowed the streak of 11 games to continue. Gregorio Marrero

If Pellicer’s men want to keep this streak alive and chase Málaga CF 02/03, the next rival is Ibiza itself. Fernández Romo’s team receives Martiricos’ team at Can Misses next Sunday in what will be a direct fight for second place to closely follow Dick Schreuder’s men.

What does the blue and white club have to do to dream of a new streak of 15 games? Ibiza, Alcoyano, Real Murcia and Atlético Sanluqueño. That’s the schedule ahead of you. Four very difficult games to continue aspiring to everything in a Primera RFEF that tightens every weekend due to the complexity of the rivals. However, the recognition of not losing for 11 games in a row is already there.


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