Thursday, June 8, 2023

Málaga CF will jump “alive” to the match against Mirandés

Málaga CF does not depend on itself even to avoid mathematical relegation this day, but in the event of win at La Rosaleda al Mirandés (Saturday, 9:00 p.m.) has many options to stay with a small thread of life for another week. The blue and white team is bound to win, if you still believe in permanence, and from there wait for one of the six teams that precede it in the table to fail in its commitment for the 40th date of LaLiga SmartBank. But what is certain is that when they jump onto the green of La Rosaleda to face the team from Burgos, they will not yet be a First RFEF team.

There are so many teams that mathematically they can still catch up with three rounds to go, that everything indicates that, with a win, Pellicer’s men would extend the agony for at least another round. There is one thing clear Yeah the Malaga lose or tie against Mirandés, they would automatically be a First RFEF team, but in case of victory, we would have to wait and see what those six teams in question do. And some play before, but others will do so after the Blue and Whites.

Saragossa (49), leganes (49), Villareal B (49), racing (48), Huesca (48) and Sporting (48). Those are the clubs that Málaga can still beat with a miracle. A complicated carambola that would happen because the blue and whites won their three games and some of them did not score in the remainder of the championship. With Sporting, in particular, if it could be worth it if they achieved only one point in three games, but it would be necessary to go to the general average to decide. Also in a hypothetical three-way tie with Racing and Sporting at 49 points, Málaga would save the categorybut for that it has to be given that Cantabrians and Asturians only add 1 of 9 and those of Pellicer make full.

There is only one thing clear for this day. And it is that thanks to the order of the parties, whatever happens, the blue and white team will begin their match against Mirandés “alive”. And this is basically because some of those involved play on Sunday. It is even possible that he already knows that winning will arrive with options to the penultimate day, but for that he has to “puncture” one of those who enter the fray before.

The first to play will be Leganés. The people of Madrid open the day in the Burgos field (Friday, 9:00 p.m.). Already on Saturday, Sporting receives Oviedo in the Asturian derby (4:15 p.m.) and Zaragoza plays at La Romareda against Cartagena (6:30 p.m.). The day will be closed, precisely, by Málaga CF with their match at La Rosaleda against Mirandés (9:00 p.m.). For Sunday there will be Racing-Eibar (2:00 p.m.), Huesca-Ponferradina (6:30 p.m.) and Las Palmas-Villarreal B (9:00 p.m.).

If Málaga CF wins its match, an essential condition, will avoid in this journey 39 its mathematical descent only if Leganés, Zaragoza, Racing, Huesca or Villarreal B -just one of them- lose or Sporting draw.

Then, a week later, whatever has to happen will happen, but Málaga CF is obliged to stretch its chances of salvation as long as possible, no matter how slim they may be, in order to have the most dignified ending possible and, above all, out of respect. to a hobby that this year has given the stature more than ever, despite such poor performances, and is about to witness how his team disappears from professional football after 25 years competing between the First and Second Division.


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