Thursday, June 1, 2023

Málaga CF-UD Ibiza: Slamming the door and goodbye

Now yes. The day has come that no one wanted to live. The game that no one would have thought to play. He Malaga CF will sign this Sunday the end of 25 consecutive years of history in professional football with the most difficult match of the modern blue and white era. A duel against UD Ibiza (6:30 p.m./LaLiga SmartBank) in which there is absolutely nothing at stake for two teams that are relegated and in which hell is expected like never before seen in the stands of La Rosaleda.

The words of Sergio Pellicer in what should have been the preview of matchday 42 of LaLiga SmartBank were clear: “Tomorrow’s game -today- is the least important”. And it could be added without a doubt that the most difficult. Not even those that were played after the relegation to the Second Division was consummated will be able to come close. The relationship between club and fans is practically broken. The arrival of Loren Juarros could have calmed the waters, but the tension is such that the landing of the new sports director has been of no use, from a social point of view.

If you do a little memory, the match against Mirandés on May 13 was already very complicated. That day, there were still chances, remote as they were, of being able to fight for permanence. However, and despite the victory, peace was not even intuited. Representatives of the supporters clubs read a manifesto in advance with very harsh words towards the top managers of the club and the players who will be part of the blackest history of this entity after signing the relegation to non-professional football. Not only that. A desolating silence ‘shone’ on the lawn as a protest and whistles and chants pointing towards everyone.

If that day was complex to bear, today can be hellish. The fans met again in the grandstand straight, starting at 5:30 p.m., with a Demonstration under the motto “The farmhouse corrupts Málaga CF for its personal interests” and directed “against those who have led us to hell.” The truth is that it was already devised, but some of the issues raised in recent days in the press room have done nothing more than ignite a flame for which no one has a fire extinguisher right now.

That will be before the match. When the ball starts to roll, one of the most ‘awaited’ moments will arrive. The animation tier itself has launched a appeal to leave the stands of La Rosaleda empty for 25 minutes, one for each year that the blue and white team has been in the First or Second Division. And there is more. They have also invited wear the black t-shirt “To show that it has not been a season fraud, but that it has been a terrifying season.” So surely yes, the most difficult game.

In what is purely football… it has had no importance this week and less will it have this Saturday. It has not even been transcendent that Ramón, Lago Junior, Delmás and N’Diaye will be out at this final point. Is it essential to know if Rubén Castro is going to be the substitute for the Ivorian? If Esteban Burgos or Ramalho are going to play? Pellicer has already stated that they are going to compete and that he will propose a lineup to win. However, it will be of little use there will be no consolation in beating Ibiza. Even if it’s 12-0.

The ‘good’ news -if anything related to Málaga CF can be said to be good right now- is that this torment is over. In the most terrible way, but it ends. As of Monday, a new page in the history of this club must beginthe path to return to professional football.


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