Friday, December 8, 2023

Málaga CF releases 900 tickets for the match against Huesca

He Malaga CF going to release this thursdaystarting at 4:00 p.m. a total of 900 tickets for La Rosaleda be fully dressed in blue and white next Monday in a new final against Huesca (6:30 p.m.). The Martiricos entity has already verified that the team is a gold mine if it has more than 20,000 throats supporting it and has put everything back on the table to fill the Costa del Sol temple.

Only the Malaguista Faithfulwho at the time could not get their extra entry for free, will have access to one of those 900 seats that the club has released. Málaga CF has obtained these seats after the Aragonese team confirmed the number of visiting fans that will land at La Rosaleda and also the commitments that the club regularly faces.

The process to access that entry will be exclusively online through the private area of ​​each user. In the event that demand exceeds supply, the following message will appear on the website: “Dear Malaguista Faithful, the virtual queue exceeds the offer of tickets available at this time. In the event that the available seats are not sold out, You will be able to access the portal in the next few minutes”.

Yes indeed. Tickets will in no case be for sale to other types of fans. Therefore, only the Malaguista Faithful who were unable to access the town for free will have the option of acquiring it.

However, the club wants to remember that it will be inflexible on the issue of resale: “Both the transfer of tickets and the season ticket itself -if available- must be done altruistically and without profit. The club is taking the necessary measures with those Malaguista Faithful who are trying to obtain financial gain of these accesses to the detriment of the rest of the fans”.

So La Rosaleda will experience a new gala atmosphere, with a reception included, to lead Málaga CF to the long-awaited victory in the last five days to fight for permanence.


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