Friday, June 2, 2023

Málaga CF, in the hands of the squad

What does Málaga CF have to do to save itself? whatWhat can the fans cling to? to trust that it is possible to reach permanence? The days continue advancing and the team is still in the relegation zone. the future of Manolo Gaspar and of Pepe Mel generates debate every week among the Malaguista public, but the truth is that neither the sports director nor the coach are going to achieve the decisive victory to maintain the category: they will be the football players.

It is true that the position of the technician is guaranteed… at least for now. After the draw against Burgos, Mel trained on Sunday and, except for a last-minute change in plans, everything indicates that he will be the one to lead the team against sporting gijon next sunday in The Molinon. The big unknown is how the club will react in the event of a new defeat, which would leave the team really touched in LaLiga SmartBank. Is its continuity assured from then on? Impossible to know.

However, although there are many amateurs who direct the responsibility towards Manolo Gaspar either Pepe MelAt the sporting level, there is another large sector of the public that clearly points to what happens on the pitch: Players. Málaga CF, with the sixth highest salary cap of the category, is competing every weekend to reach the salvation positions. A reality far removed from the quality of the footballers who defend the shirt every day.

Beyond the mistakes made in planning Made in summer, the name of the signings does not correspond to the performance shown on the field. One of the top scorers in the Second Division arrived on the Costa del Sol, an important goalkeeper in the recent history of Mallorca, a defense captain at Leganés, a midfielder with experience in the First Division and in English football… So many names that have landed in the city with more pain than glory.

There are many players who have disappointed since the start of the season. With the exception of several days in the league start, the team -in terms of names, full of Second Division “stars”- has always been in the relegation zone. Neither Pablo Guede then neither Pepe Mel now they have found a fully trusted capital figure who wins games. However, there are two cases with which the fans are especially disappointed: Luis Munoz Y Alfred N’Diaye. In full condition, holders in any template.

The players leave crestfallen after the draw with Burgos. Gregory Marrero

In addition, we must add the nightmare with the goal. Own ruben castro He has recognized that it was being one of the seasons in which he was finding it hardest to find a goal. And that which has as great motivation to overcome quini to become the Top Spanish scorer in the First and Second Divisionjust behind Leo Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo.

The fans are already giving their full support. Despite the many problems he is having with the club -such as the recent episode of the banner calling for the resignation of Manolo Gaspar-, the public goes to La Rosaleda every day to leave their hearts with their loved ones. The field of martyrs is one of the stadiums more spectators gather of the category even with the team struggling from 20th place.

The public has responded. We will have to see what happens now with the coach and players. With the focus placed solely on achieving salvation, footballers are forced to respondr. Malaguismo is in the hands of the squad. Ahead are 54 points. Now it remains to put the ball in the goal and prevent it from entering the Ruben Yanez. And that, fortunately or unfortunately, can only be done by the players. Neither Manolo Gaspar nor Pepe Mel.


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