Thursday, December 1, 2022

Málaga CF has to settle for one point

It’s angry, very angry, and worst of all, you have to accept the tie after playing 80 minutes with one less man. Málaga CF was left with one player less due to the expulsion of Javi Jiménez before the quarter hour of play, the worst was feared, but Pepe Mel’s team showed an integrity rarely shown to resist and even get ahead and dream of victory. Haitam put the blue and whites ahead, but shortly after the end, Zaragoza equalized through Simeone and deprived the Martiricos side of a major victory.

The Malaga thing has already begun to make no sense. No matter how Pepe Mel’s team appears on stage, the first blow is lethal. And on this occasion very debatable. A tackle from Javi Jiménez, at the wrong time, but without showing his tacos, cost him a straight red. Incomprehensible, but it was the decision of the field referee, Busquets Ferrer, and he remained immovable. It is difficult to think that this action is worthy of red, but it was so and once again the blue and white team was outnumbered, and again with Javi Jiménez the protagonist, directly or indirectly in the action.

Less than a quarter of an hour into the game and numerical inferiority. It did not matter what had been proposed for two weeks, to resist the rest of the game and to wait, if possible, for an isolated play.

The game script changed. Zaragoza could feel the pressure but that action changed the register of the match. Málaga began to suffer and the figure of Rubén Yáñez had to become great to save Málaga. Up to two times he had to make interventions of pure merit to avoid the local goal. The Martiricos team held up well, with 10, but without suffering a siege. Something similar to what was seen in the Cartagonova.

The image of Pepe Mel’s men was still quite decent, but little by little the field was leaning. At minute 63, Yáñez reappeared to avoid the local goal after a header from Simeone.

But this is the magic of soccer. You suffer, it’s hard for you to get out, it seems that your only objective may be to resist and hold the point… but that option appears, that opportunity that can change everything, and Málaga was right. Haitam took the lead at the edge of the area, put it at the long post and made it 0-1.

It was time to resist, to hold on to the treasure, but it took too long… With five minutes to go, the draw came. In a set piece action, the ball fell at the far post to Giuliano Simeone and tied the game.

There was little left for the end. Zaragoza pressed in search of the heroic but the marked did not move anymore. Point that tastes good due to the circumstances, to achieve it after 80 minutes with one less man, but it also tastes little because the victory escaped in the final minutes and the need was pressing.

The point is of little use in mathematics, it does not make Málaga cut big differences with salvation, but due to the circumstances it should be considered a point of great value. Let’s keep rowing, with one more point, and already thinking about beating Ponferradina to make this tie good.

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