Friday, September 22, 2023

Málaga CF fans prepare the invasion of Linares

Málaga CF fans are already counting the days until the first mass movement of the season. The blue and white team will be very well protected in Linares next Sunday, September 24, starting at 6:00 p.m.. The Jaén club has made available to the Costa del Sol entity 2,000 tickets at a single price of 15 euros and there is no doubt that the Boquerona fans will make use of each of them.

One of the backs of the Linarejos stadium will be entirely occupied by Málaga CF fans. Besides, Linares has already put the rest of the stadium’s capacity up for sale onlineso for the blue and white there is also the possibility of buying in areas close to the area intended for the visiting fans.

The blue and white club has not yet announced when it will make tickets available to its subscribers. What is certain is that a part of those 2,000 will be reserved for the clubs, which are already organizing their bus trips for the assault on Linares.

There are many blue and white fans who will prefer to go on their own, in their private vehicles, and will have to wait for the club to go on sale at the La Rosaleda stadium ticket offices.

Blue and white invasion

As things stand, more than 2,000 Málaga CF fans are expected in the Linarejos stands next Sunday, September 24. A complete background will be blue and white, and you will also see more fans spread across other areas of the stadium. Linarejos has an approximate capacity of about 10,000 spectatorsso the blue and white parish threatens to occupy 30% of the stands.

The visit to Linares will be the first of eight that Málaga CF will have to make in Andalusia this season in Group II of the Primera RFEF. The duration of the trip to Linares from the capital of the Costa del Sol by road is approximately two and a half hours. The time of the game, Sunday at 6:00 p.m., allows you to enjoy the day in the town of Jaen and then begin the return trip after the match without it getting too late. The first massive ‘On tour’ of the season is already underway. 10 days left.


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