Friday, March 24, 2023

Málaga CF, facing its most agonizing moment

Málaga CF, since its refoundation, has experienced better and worse situations. Moments where he has touched glory with his fingers, such as the different promotions or participation in European competitions and others not so good such as relegation to Second Division or financial difficulties during a bankruptcy process or in the last months before the Al-Thani were removed from the management of the club, but It has never been so close to the abyss when it comes to strictly sports.

Since promotion to the silver category in 1998, 25 years ago, the blue and white club had never been so close to to be able to disappear from professional football. Along the way there have been two relegations from First to Second and even moments of trouble to stay in the second step, like last year or in the 2006/07 season, but never before at this point in the championship had the rope so around the neck

Málaga’s situation, after a campaign in which they began talking about promotion and ended up being a nightmare, is borderline. Those of Sergio Pellicer -before Pepe Mel and Pablo Guede- are 8 points from salvation when we are already in the last third of the competition. With 13 games to go to finish the regular phase of LaLiga SmartBank, the blue and whites need a historic comeback to not abandon professional football after 25 years always competing in the first two national categories.

If the players and the coaching staff are not capable of completely turning around a gruesome reality in these 13 matches, Málaga CF will have to compete next year in the RFEF First Division -or whatever it is called next year-, the old Second B. It has been transmitted at all times that the club would continue to be viable despite a hypothetical relegation, and that this possibility It has been present since the judicial administration began, according to what José María Muñoz himself said, but the consequences, both internally and for a heavily punished fans, would be terrible.

Crucial game this Sunday

Málaga CF has played many decisive matches over the years. To go up, not to go down, to qualify for Europe or even to look for a Champions League semifinal. But right now Sunday’s clash against Racing Santander at La Rosaleda (6:30 p.m.) must be considered the most important in its history, without a doubt. At the club level, although it is not so beautiful for the spectator, staying in professional football is more important than a quarterfinal in the Champions League and to have any chance of achieving it it is essential that the team be able to win the game against the cantabrians The team from Malaga is 8 points away from the permanent positions, an area that right now marks, precisely, their next rival. In case of winning, the gap would be cut to 5 points and the morale boost would be tremendous, but an adverse result would make things almost impossible.

At the club they are aware of the importance of the match and have activated different offers to fill La Rosaleda. The city will respond, the only thing missing is for the team to do its part.


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