Thursday, June 1, 2023

Málaga CF – Cartagena: this is how the team has played

Málaga CF has achieved a hard-fought victory against Cartagena by the minimum, but vital to keep the hope of salvation alive, closing the gap with the teams that score to be out of the relegation places, who are now five points away. It was a highly contested game, won despite an incomprehensible action by Esteban Burgos who was about to leave the team with one less. Chavarría’s goal was key, in a team that played very sacrificed with a good level.

the best of the party

Pablo Chavarria (9). Heart

He is being the man of the final stretch of the season. He scored again against Cartagena and provided the victory with an exercise of absolute effort.

Ruben Yanez (6). Attentive

He didn’t have much work to do. However, he was safe and very successful in each of his interventions.

Christian (7). Future

It is likely that this Málaga CF cannot be understood without its left-back. The faith of this team. He attended Chavarría. A dagger per band and successful behind.

Esteban Burgos (3). Unconscious

Good game until he decided to do something crazy. He cut up a long pass with a hand that could have been red. He was replaced at halftime by Pellicer.

Scarce (4). Careless

Boss for 90 minutes. However, he touched a ball in the area with his hand in the last seconds. He saves Datkovic’s offside.

Julian Delmas (6). Executor

The great beneficiary of the system of three plants. Free to climb, although it leaves dangerous spaces behind. Increasingly successful in the centers.

Ramon (7). Anchor

Ramón, how late you have arrived. Pellicer has found his guarantee midfielder in the final stretch. absolute leader. If I had continuity…

Fran Villalba (6). Buddy

A player of his quality should be the protagonist in any team, but he sacrifices himself for the good of his people. Fantastic at dirty work.

Alex Febas (6). flashes

The magic point of each match. He gives the team a lot of football. Martiricos’s brain, he endured until he gave him the physical this Sunday.

Ruben Castro (5). Worker

Worthy worker for and for Málaga CF. He has good moments, although he also had several sentencing opportunities.


Ramalho (8): Fireproof, hierarchical. He saved a sung goal with one of his well-known clearances.

Luis Munoz (6): Fighter. He had a chance to score a goal from outside the area. He brushed against the stick.

Fran Sol (5): He went unnoticed to replace the ‘killer’.

Javi Jimenez (5): He tried it with some centers.

Alex Calvo (6): Freshness. He gave air with his internships.


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