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Málaga CF 1-1 Burgos CF: Permanence is only given by victories

The Malaga CF You can leave the game very upset because adding a point in each match does not reach permanence. It will be necessary to see at the end of the day if this draw against Burgos (1-1) it is profitable, but the truth is that the blue and white team had the victory in their hands. junior lake materialized in the form of a goal the good first half and if the winter signing brought joy to La Rosaleda, the same mismatches as always took away the prize with the goal from Álex Bermejo. And the VAR, again.

Pepe Mel tried with everything he had. With everything. Delmás -that he took more than he gave- on the side, febas with N’Diaye, the bands to Lago Junior and Chavarría, Fran Villalba freely in three quarters and ruben castro on point. The team tried with centers, but without people with a body to finish off. Even so, the goal came after a hanging ball. Now, nobody is going to be saved if with any mistake behind you receive a goal. Nobody. Not even if you have the history of Málaga CF.

Good start

With the exception of a first opportunity for Burgos, Málaga CF established itself well in the rival camp. He pressed high, defended well and owned the ball. They were even able to take a penalty after suffering N’Diaye a grab in the area that the VAR did not want to see. In short, the control was white and blue and also the first time. Rubén Yáñez found Lago Junior on the wing, passed it to Rubén Castro, returned it to a wall and threw the winger into Caro’s hands (16′). He eyed this duo.

Those from Martiricos tried with multiple centers. At the football level, it was the only way to be able to create danger. Burgos defended their area with five or more players and that made it difficult for a Málaga CF who attacked the penalty spot with little more than Chavarría. In the absence of a shot from outside the area, where those of Pepe Mel do not exactly shine, it was the only method.

Faced with this apparent dominance, without it becoming withering on the part of the blue and whites, Burgos wanted to run. Raúl Navarro created some sigh in the fans of La Rosaleda with a shot from the edge that went over the box (38′). But football, the same one that punished Málaga CF in Ipurúa, rewarded. Chavarría launched himself against the right wing, crossed the ball to Rubén Castro, the Canarian headed it to Febas and he ran into a defender. Although there he was. The new blue and white ‘7’. The new scorer. With patience and placement, Lago Junior defeated Caro and started a partyfinally (44′).

SmartBank League: Málaga CF – Burgos Gregory Marrero

Second part

Now it was necessary to close what had cost so much work to achieve. Burgos also needed the three points because they are in playoff positions and dream of staying in the fight for promotion. So his attitude was also different. They began to win more balls in the melee and overcame Málaga CF’s defensive lines more easily. It was a different party. And it happened. Javi Jiménez made a mistake at the crossinghis mark had the free band to run and, after a low cross that Juande did not reach either, Álex Bermejo crossed the ball to the other post of Yáñez. 1-1. Danger.

The big question from then on was clear. How was the blue and white team going to face the game? Pepe Mel sent a clear message from the bench: Álex Gallar, Luis Muñoz and Appiah entered the field for Fran Villalba, N’Diaye and Chavarría. Go for everything. It was the only thing that had to be done and the team returned to what had given them the goal: the centers. The big drawback is that Pablo Chavarría had left the pitch. That’s why Fran Sol came in.

There was no physique, it was quite fair, but there was a need to win. Too much really. Was it worth the point? Absolutely. Juande could have left the three points on the Costa del Sol with a header, without jumping, which went over the crossbar. However, the big scare came in the other area with a shot that Rubén Yáñez saved with his chest, later annulled for offside.

And there the story ended. They lacked legs, ideas at the end and the ability to protect what can never escape you. Another day passes without Málaga CF winning and there are already many.


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