Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mahmudullah Riyad opened his mouth about the ‘rest’ given by the selectors

Mahmudullah Riyad was rested after the ODI series against England at home in March. Due to which he did not get a place in many series and Asia Cup team. Worried that you will get a place in the World Cup team?

He got a place in the World Cup squad after burning a lot of wood, but he was dropped in the second match of the season against England. By scoring a century against South Africa in their fifth match, Riyad, who was left out in the name of rest, was not done yet.

Mahmudullah Riyad came to the post-match press conference after scoring the first century for Bangladesh in the ongoing ODI World Cup. Besides discussing the match there, he also talked about surrounding issues.

Mahmudullah has been rested by the selectors who dropped him from the team. This important cricketer of the team also talked about that rest. He said, ‘The rest seems to have been a little too much. I don’t have it. It was the decision of the selectors. My job is to do my job honestly. That’s what I want to do.’ After returning to the World Cup stage and scoring a century, however, Riyad thanked the fans who supported him, ‘from those of you who supported me at that time. Thank them. And thanks to those who didn’t.’

Riyad cheered by raising one finger after the century. Asked if it was a protest, the veteran batter said, ‘No, it was not a protest language. 100 has happened. It was just a celebration. If I could have won, I would have cheered wildly.’

October 25/NBW)


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