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Made In Heaven 2 Review: Complicated relationships, the series showing the darkness behind marriage-fairytale, will force you to think

Made In Heaven 2 Review: Everyone loves in the world, but the definition of love is not the same for everyone. Chocolates and gifts are not a sign of love for everyone, some people become happy even with a pineapple. It is not right for everyone to obey everything of the family members and follow the way of the society, some lovers make their own way. When you love someone, you don’t see the color of their skin, their caste and superficial things. Love is bigger than all these.

Similarly, not everyone’s love story starts in the college corridor, some people also meet in flights while going to their respective destinations. Some meet in parties, some meet again after separating years ago and start their new life. But it is also true that only love is not enough in life.

Apart from love, there are many things in the world, there are challenges that we all have to face. And to stand firm in the face of life’s difficulties, we need someone with us who holds our hand unconditionally. Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur’s web series ‘Made in Heaven 2’ is made up of these deep things.

What is the story of the show?

The story of the show begins from where the first season ended. At the end of the first season, Tara Khanna (Shobhita Dhulipala) reveals to her husband Adil Khanna (Jim Sarbh) that she had cheated him. While Tara’s business partner Karan Mehra (Arjun Mathur) is struggling with his sexuality. Jazz (Shivani Raghuvanshi) is taking care of her family and Kabir (Shashank Arora) has completed his documentary.

The season starts six months after all this. Tara and Karan are now living together in a house. Tara is about to get divorced from Adil. Karan’s mother is still not ready to accept that her son is gay. Along with personal life, both are in trouble in professional life as well. His company ‘Made in Heaven’ is going into loss. In view of this, an auditor Bulbul Johri (Mona Singh) enters their lives.

Bulbul has brought with it a new and important story. Apart from this, we will also see a new character Meher, who is trying to find her place in the society. Tara and Karan have many battles to fight in their personal lives, as well as see others’ ‘perfect’ love stories in their professional lives.

This time many big issues have been raised in Made in Heaven. This includes domestic violence, apartheid, drugs, casteism, sexuality, polygamy and people’s thinking about girls in the society. Like last time, this time also this show talks about the darkness hidden behind the glitz of marriage and fairy tales. Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti and Alankrita Srivastava have written this show well. Nitya Mehra and Neeraj Ghaywan are also with him in this. Every director has beautifully shown the tangled relationships of different people. Here you will get to see typical Punjabi wedding as well as Buddhist ceremony, which will make your mind happy as well as relax.

While watching this show, you will understand that its characters do not live up to your ‘Moral Compass’. Tara Khanna is the hero of this show, but she is a gray character. The characters of this show are not perfect, they are also broken, scattered people like others, who commit the biggest mistakes and the smallest stupidities. This is also the beauty of those characters.


Everything in ‘Made in Heaven 2’ is dark as well as beautiful. The show’s production team, hair and makeup and costume department have done wonders. Its set designs are also amazing. Talking about the performance, Sobhita Dhulipala has done a great job. Arjun Mathur has done wonders. You will see Mona Singh in this show, who makes the scene her own. Shashank Arora, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Jim Sarbh and Kalki Keklan have also done a good job. It was great to see Mrunal Thakur and Dia Mirza in this show.

What is deficiency?

‘Made in Heaven 2’ is extremely long. It has 7 episodes and all are of 1 hour. So you have to take out a lot of free time to watch it. Apart from this, you get to see one story and marriage in the show, but each story does not affect you. The problems of the lead characters also get mixed up somewhere and then after a long time you remember what is going on. This time many new characters have been introduced, who are playing their part properly according to the story, but are not remembered beyond that.

You can watch this show made by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti on Amazon Prime Video. This will definitely make your weekend.


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