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Luvly O: the “Ikea car” that arrives at home disassembled and has a very low price

Luvly, a Swedish electric mobility company, seems to have found the solution to offer a cheap vehicle focused on urban use, the Luvly Owhich is delivered to customers dismantled, like an Ikea piece of furniture.

This electric car, specifically, is an alternative to the Citroën Ami that the French company sells in Europe. It also has a very compact design, with 2.7 meters long, a height of 1.44 meters and a weight of 400 Kg. The Luvly O also has features intended for urban routes, such as a speed of 90 km/h and a range of 100 km thanks to a removable 6kWh battery.

The most interesting thing about Luvly O, however, is how the vehicle reaches the customer. It does it completely disassembled, like the furniture from the Swedish multinational Ikea. Of course, the Luvly O vehicle does not have to be assembled by its own owners, but by a specialized company.

For this, the company is in talks with local assembly centers with the aim of making this possible. Therefore, when someone buys a Luvly O, they will receive at their nearest center a container with all the parts necessary for its assembly. This measure also allows the company to save transportation costs, since one container has the capacity to carry up to 20 disassembled models.

The company claims that the Luvly O is a resistant vehicle, despite its peculiar design

One of the concerns that users may have about this Luvly O is its resistance. The company claims that the vehicle is completely safe.. Mainly, because it is made up of “a strong and lightweight safety cell that uses sandwich compounds and added energy absorption zones on the exterior ensures that passengers are well protected.”

As for the appearance of the Luvly O, it is a vehicle with a sober design, with a front that stands out for an LED lighting system and a two-seater interior without a multimedia system or similar.

The Luvly O will go on sale this year at a price of 10,000 euros for a single configuration with an engine with a maximum speed of 100 km/h. At the moment, the company only allows users to sign up for a waiting list so they can be notified once their vehicle is ready to ship.

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