Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Luis Rubiales’ uncle assures that his nephew “is macho”

Juan Rubiales, uncle of Luis Rubiales and former chief of staff of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), pointed out tonight in “El Partidazo de la Cope” that his nephew Luis, temporarily dismissed as president of the Federation, “is macho”. “She still doesn’t understand that she behaved macho,” said the former RFEF chief of staff in relation to the kiss on the mouth that he gave Jenni Hermoso at the awards ceremony at the women’s World Cup final in Sydney.

“He feels the woman as an object,” said Juan Rubiales, who during his time in the Federation explained that his nephew maintained “with María José Rienda and with Irene Lozano (former State Secretaries for Sport) macho and aggressive attitudes“With Rienda he punched the table and Irene Lozano threw Rubiales out of his office,” explained Juan Rubiales, the former RFEF chief of staff.

In the newspaper El Mundo, Juan Rubiales commented that “Luis Rubiales has always been a man with a clear macho tinge, very arrogant, with attitudes typical of Torrente”. In statements to El Confidencial, Juan Rubiales, pointed out that his nephew believed “that he was Kennedy.”

Questioned about one of the great controversies of his tenure, a party held in Salobreña, Juan Rubiales told this same outlet that “when I saw the girls, who were 18, 19, 20-year-old girls, I locked myself in the room.” . “Several people from the Federation came in and told me: “What’s wrong with you, Juan?”; “I don’t want to participate in this.” Rubiales even came in and said “Uncle, what’s wrong with you?” “This seems crazy to me. That we are losing our minds, that you are here with 18-year-old girls who could be your daughters, ”he indicates in El Confidencial.

In the three interviews that Juan Rubiales gave – he said that he made a commitment to these media in his day and that he was not going to grant more – the former RFEF chief of staff acknowledged that the Spanish Super Cup was taken to Saudi Arabia and not to Qatar for one reason only: “An offer from Qatar was rejected and Saudi Arabia was chosen because Piqué was an intermediary in the latter and charged a commission”.


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