Sunday, December 10, 2023

Luis de la Fuente: “It is the most bitter victory I have experienced in my life”

The Spanish coach, Luis de la Fuente, valued at a press conference La Roja’s 3-1 victory against Georgia, which qualifies them for Euro 2024 as first in the group; as well as the serious injury that Gavi has suffered in his right knee.

“We are going to wait for tests to be done and to confirm or not the severity of the injury. The player is calm. It is the bitterest and hardest victory I have experienced in my life. Mine and that of the entire coaching staff Expecting to know the definitive diagnosis. He has gone to Barcelona to do tests and we hope it is as little as possible.“, expressed the national coach in the microphones of La1.

“It is a very difficult and tough moment for the player, FC Barcelona, ​​the Spanish team. It seemed like we had lost. We are broken. Football has these things and it is a risky activity, this is the ugly part. They are uncontrollable. I am very sorry for the player. He was broken, shattered. He didn’t understand that these things could happen to him. Sometimes we think we are invulnerable, but we are very fragile. I was hurt and sad. Seeing the locker room at half-time… it seemed like a wake“, he expanded at the press conference.

He also wanted to clarify that “he didn’t have to see the previous blow, it was when he stepped on a checkpoint that he stepped further and his knee went away. The first play had nothing to do with the second.“. If the predictions come true, he would miss the rest of the season, including the Euro Cup and the Olympic Games. “It was an accident, he came from not playing the weekend, he was very fresh. If you had seen him on Friday, he wanted to train with those who didn’t play. The idea is that he will not play 90 minutes. He could have passed it to any other player. The calendars are what they are and we have to play with them, we already know them at the beginning of the season“De la Fuente argued.

The notes and their renewal

Regarding the purely sporting aspect that has been seen on the José Zorrilla grass, De la Fuente has analyzed the match in the following way: “We have taken the initiative, but it is not easy to win. That is why we must give value to the 1-7 that we achieved in Georgia, where we achieved perfection. “We are satisfied because our game plan has been fulfilled.”

The Spanish team achieves the ticket to Euro 2024 as first in group A and 21 points, in which there are seven wins and one loss. Asked what grade is given in this series of eight matches, the last of 2023, he commented: “I give the players an outstanding rating, almost an honor certificateand I am happy to collaborate with them in the brilliant way that we have achieved qualification for the European Championship.”

Finally, he was also questioned about his renewal, as has been usual in all the coach’s appearances. “We are very calm. It’s time to rest. Surely the right time will come to talk about my renewal. When there are two parties that want to understand each other, they will understand each other. I am very happy with the Federation and I hope that the Federation is happy with my work“he concluded.


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