Monday, December 4, 2023

Luis Chávez: President of Pachuca offers “plan b” for his future

The arrival of Luis Chavez to the european football is still in the limbosince his transfer to the Dynamo Moscow It has been delayed and the transfer market closes in two weeksso in Pachuca He also worries about his future.

The president of the tubes, Armando Martinezthink it was a bad decision opt for the russian footballdue to the blocking that Uefa imposed on them and together with his representative, Luis must search arrangement in another European club.

“We are supporting Luis in its dream. For contract situations and companies transnational We were running a risk if we entered into a negotiation with a team of Russia. We lower its start clause, in order to support Luiswhat is your dreamcommented the director for super stadium

“I think it would be better (to go to another club) to go to a football as difficult as the Russian. The resource will arrive and he has to pay us his clause. I spoke with his representative and told him to check a plan B”, he added.

Martinez commented that the club is helping chavez for him to play in the old continent, but in case of not getting it, they will have to see their options.

“He is still a player of Pachuca and has a contract two years. Very difficult situation because we never thought it would take so long, neither he nor his representatives, we still don’t have a deadline but at most it would have to be next week and then we’ll see,” said the manager.

Luis Chavez rang loudly for football dutch after the Qatar World Cup 2022continuing with the tuzos for the first half of the year, subsequently, the Dynamo Moscow was interested in the services of the midfielder and due to the economic blockade, chavez ended up buying his letter.


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