Friday, September 22, 2023

“Loren has been asked to focus on Málaga CF”

Loren Juarros, sports director of Málaga CF, dropped during Nélson Monte’s presentation that Loren Zuniga He will remain in the blue and white squad, except for a new turn in the last days of the market. “He has been asked to focus on Malaga,” he said. “There is no intention of anyone coming out of the first team,” he stated in the press room.

As for possible arrivals, Loren Juarros explained that they are “considering two options”. “It can be one, both or none,” she said. “We are not going to do things we are not convinced of. Both Haitam and Ramón can be decisive. They need their time, but you have to count on them. We also think of Izan Merino, I don’t like to cover doors for people in the house with projection. It’s a process that the club has to accept,” he added.

“The position with Izan is clear. He is in that group of players that we want him to become loyal to Málaga. We need to talk. It is the approach of the club for the long term”, said the Burgos about a possible renewal of the youth squad.

Loan for Andrés Caro

On the other hand, he spoke about that final puzzle of the squad with the lace of the sub-23 chips. “We will be the only team without problems in covering the under 23s, and with players who are going to be important in the category. There has to be a minimum. Something remains to be defined, we are going to wait until we are at the end of the window to define the numbers well and see which player can stay on horseback. Not because someone hasn’t earned it, but because they can also have rhythm and competition with the subsidiary. Andrés Caro has been told to go out and play. Malagueño is just right, it is better that they focus on playing abroad, that they go out and compete in other parameters. He still has a contract with us. With the rest, the intention is that they stay. We have to define well who stays in the first team. It is a normal situation in any team”, he concluded.


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