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López Nieto assumes failure and already thinks about Unicaja 2022/23

«You are going to allow me to be as discreet as possible with possible signings. Many names will appear, some will be right and others will not. Our idea is to change the concept of the team. We will study all possible options. I can’t give cluesbut it is true that there will be 8 or 9 signings. Paul Sanchez also has a contract, in addition to Albert, Dario, Jonathan Y Yannick. Of those who end their contract, some may or may not continue. Even those who have a contract may not continue. All of this we have to see », he said.

In addition to confirming that Carlos Suárez will no longer be a Unicaja player, the president also confirmed that Ibon Navarro will continue in front of the green bench. «We have bet after concluding the league that it will continue Ibon Navarro lnext season. He is the one who must redirect the new project. And besides, there were no options on the market that could improve us.”

Asked if the numbers of the Basque coach, which have not been as expected, deserve the bet of continuity, the president explained the decision. “From the numbers, the question seems logical. But we are very happy with your work. We wanted to thank Ibon for coming at a very delicate moment of the season. It is true that the team has not given the level lately and he is responsible for being the coach. We were convinced in the last three months, it is true that we doubted lately, but he has dispelled our doubts. There will be many new names next season and now it will be different because it will be a team more to your liking », he concluded.

López Nieto was blunt when talking about the viability of the club and separate what happens in the Unicaja Basketball of the movements that are taking place in the Foundationowner of the club or those that may be in the Bank, main sponsor.

«The club generated during these last months resources that allowed to deal with signings or compensate the coach. The situation in the Bank or in the Foundation will not affect the basketball club at all. The club is not going to change its operation with respect to what happens in the Foundation with the change of president. The Unicaja Basketball will have an equal operating line. What happens from outside doors is not going to affect us. They have always been in a line of support, enough to make a solvent team. I take this opportunity to transmit to the fans the tranquility about this. There is no problem in this aspect. What politicians say about me slips me, “he said.

The same way, Lopez Grandson He assured that one of the next objectives will be to reinforce the sports organization chart. «We are going to promote the sports area. It is true that we will need someone else, in addition to the figure of the sports director »he assured.

López Nieto reviewed the club’s current affairs in all aspects. We break down the most important issues addressed by the president during his appearance in the press room:

«In principle, there is no need to turn around. Our season has been a disappointment. We have not met the objectives set at the beginning of it: neither play off nor Copa del Rey and only quarterfinals of the Basketball Champions League. Sportingly, the season has been very bad, a failure. It is possible that we could talk about losing six games by one point, but it is something that has gone into the genes. We just have the diagnosis. We are working on trying to reverse the situation, return the team to its site. With calm and method, I am sure that we can achieve it».

“I am not going to throw any ball out. These players who have built the foundation have been praised by everyone. But it is true that there has been no chemistry or fire. The competition needed more physical. We are going to work along these lines so that the project is generic, with the players that are needed, regardless of their nationality.

«We will be on a similar or even higher budget than last year. I don’t think that aspect will be a problem for the new project for next season.”

“It is one of the issues that worries me the most. We have not met the demands. I appreciate the support you have given us, beyond what we have deserved. We have looked for formulas, being the cheapest of the ACB when it comes to going to the pavilion. We will try to find administrative formulas. In the end, it is the results that motivate people to come. We are working on an ingenious campaignin a series of acts that we are going to have for the next season to try to reach people ».

«I am very happy that everyone’s work, except in sports, of course. We have responded below our limitations. If four more baskets had come in, we would be in the playoffs and everything would be different. Sports results mark the trajectory. The BCL It has grown, it is a magnificent setting. The euro cup For example, it has a limited range. Administratively, we are growing despite the fact that the results have been little.

“They are always requested. We talked about the Unibox is he fifth budget of the ACB, but there are nuances. Two that are above 40 million, two that are around 20 and then we in that group, although with the handicap that taxation and our own rigor forces us to be more rigid. Everyone in our group has an advantage over us, even Manresa, Breogan Y Bilbao, who should be behind, are also ahead of us. The objective for the next season is to be in play off, play the Copa del Rey and reach the final in the continental competition».

«It was a magnificent meeting we had with the players on Monday. They assumed the bad results of the season, and did not go further. It wasn’t tense at all. The first person responsible is me, who has been the one who has made the template. We have a staff of very educated people, to whom I wished the best for the future. Obviously, the idea of ​​the club has already been discussed with some of them. I’m not going to reveal any of that.”

“Never. Never. I know where we want to go. I am not going to deny that I saw it very difficult at one point, but I want people to know that I have the same enthusiasm as the first day I arrived.

«We will continue with our policy of bringing schools closer and to the clubs carpena. In these weeks the players who stay here are also going to go to many places for commitments that we had pending.

“Let’s be clever. We are facing an important year not only in sports but also institutionally. We are delighted with those who have come to the Palace and what we have to try is to add more. Our mission is to transmit illusion. The price line will be very moderate, but it will also depend on the games we have this season.”

“Of course we are working. Our philosophy is to grow with what we have. We believe that this category should be made up of players who continue to grow. We are going to bet heavily on this team, well led by Jesus Lazarus. We are strengthening ourselves with all the clubs in Malaga. Our policy is not to sign players from outside. I am very happy with the work of all the quarryalso from the EBA of Anthony Herrera».


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