Thursday, November 30, 2023

López Nieto announces that there will be more tickets of 96 euros for sale for the Final Four starting on Friday

The “green tide” will have a new opportunity to purchase tickets for the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League in the next few hours which will be held next week, between May 12 and 14, at the Martín Carpena Palace. They will be of those who have a price of 96 eurosan incentive for those who could not get them last week, when they went on sale and literally “flew”.

During these last days, all the subscriptions on the Unicaja website were sold out, except those of the Tribune, at a price of 240 euros. Now, with this consignment that the Germans and Tenerife have released, fans will be able to aspire to attend the final event for the FIBA ​​title at a more affordable price.

This was announced by the president of the club, Antonio Jesus Lopez Nietoin the microphones of Radio Brand Malaga in it Inaki Steakhouse from the Costa del Sol capital: «There are some grandstand tickets for 240 euros on the website. But this morning we have received a refund of the tickets from Lenovo Tenerife and Telekom Bonn. We are going to take out a game, that there were no tickets of 96 euros the subscription. With which, people come back to have a new opportunity. It will be an interesting quota of 200 or 300 tickets, they will be put on sale at that price, for those who want to be there and those of 240 will be long. Perhaps it will be from Friday, when we put the consignment of tickets of 96 euros“, explained the president.

López Nieto receives recognition from Antonio Jesús Merchán, director of Radio Marca Málaga, flanked by the owner of Asador Iñaki and by the mayor Francisco de la Torre. The opinion

Regarding next week’s continental event, López Nieto was excited and prudent: “Our objective this season was to reach the league playoffs, play in the Cup and advance in the BCL, if possible until the Final Four. What happens? For us, it was more feasible to compete in a Final Four than to consider winning the Copa del Rey, with teams that quadruple our budget (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Baskonia). That was a chimera. We arrived, competed and won. 14 years ago that a team other than Madrid or Barcelona did not win. It is a milestone to remember. The Unicaja that won the Cup in 2005 had a budget difference of about 3 or 4 million euros. The one that wins the Cup in the 2023 has a distance of almost 30 million euros with the greats. It was a chimera, and dreams are beginning to come true. As I say, we began to annoy the greats. Arrived at this position, we reached the BCL that was our bet. On top of that, it is played in Malaga and it would be the first opportunity to win a title. We had the Copa del Rey in 2020, but Real Madrid was the champion. We have the chance again, but first we have to win the semi-final. This objective was closer, the other was more stratospheric. However, in the playoffs we will also go to compete without any obligation as Madrid or Barcelona will have. We can compete with anyone”, concluded López Nieto.


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