Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Long faces back to work

Very serious faces when Málaga CF returned to work, how could it be otherwise, on the other hand, after the bump that hit the team on Sunday in Ponferrada. The blue and whites fell in El Toralín (2-0) in front of more than 700 displaced fans and threw overboard practically all their chances of remaining. Now, with three days ahead, the players and the coaching staff They are obliged to continue working for honor, respect for the fans and to delay a mathematical descent as long as possible which already seems inevitable.

Perhaps the fact that the relegation has not yet been consummated prevented the occasional fan from coming to La Rosaleda to rebuke the players in the afternoon training session this Tuesday. It will be difficult to avoid it on Saturday with a new meeting at La Rosaleda, in which the blue and white team is forced to win if they don’t want to see how the disaster becomes mathematical. It is the only option left for Pellicer’s men, to win games and wait for one of their rivals to fail day after day and maintain some minimal option.

This season finale could be very long for the squad if they don’t beat Mirandés. If they win and manage to stay alive another week, the waters could still be contained, but a setback on Saturday would unleash the perfect storm, it would bring with it the explosion of a hobby towards the staff and leaders of the entity. And there would still be another game at home, on the last day against Ibiza, for the fans to finish releasing all their discontent about what happened.


As far as training is concerned, Pablo Chavarría has not yet finished recovering from his muscular problems and he exercised one more day alone on the pitch with the retrained physicist Toni Tapia. Ramonfor his part, was working in the gym, while Haitam He made a continuous run on the green.

As far as fitness is concerned, the starters in last Sunday’s match in Ponferrada used themselves at a slower pace in a session in the La Rosaleda Annex featuring physical and technical activation work with the ball, small games in reduced space and stretching. Carlos López, Cristian, Loren and the youthful Álex Calvo were the players of The academy present at Tuesday’s session of the first team.

those of Sergio Pellicer will exercise again this Wednesday, starting at 10:30 a.m. at the facilities of The Rose Garden.


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