Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Liverpool-Chelsea match draw

In the English Premier League, Saturday night’s match between Liverpool and Chelsea did not see any team win. This tense and exciting match was drawn with a goalless margin. Despite the draw, both teams have improved in the points table.

Liverpool is at number eight in the table with 29 points in 19 matches. Chelsea, who have played one match more than them, have 29 points. Their position is 10th in the table. Meanwhile, Arsenal is at the top of the table with a maximum of 47 points in 18 matches. Manchester City is number two with 42 points in 19 matches.

The match played at Anfield was fought in Cheyenne at Cheyenne. The two teams played evenly in ball possession and attack. Liverpool can keep the ball under themselves for 47 percent of the entire match. And managed to take a total of three shots on the opponent’s goal. But did not see the goal.

Meanwhile, the visiting Chelsea footballers have kept the ball under their control for 53 percent of the entire match. And three on-target shots were taken along Liverpool’s goal. They also did not see the goal.

(22 January/MM)

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