Monday, December 11, 2023

Liverpool and Premier League will honor the coronation of the new king of England

He Liverpool announced that it will play the national anthem “God Save the King” before the meeting on Saturday of the Premier league in honor of the coronation of King Carlos III; however, the team acknowledged that some of their supporters hold strong views on the matter, as long standing opposition to the establishment has resulted in booing of the anthem in the past.

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The fans of Liverpool they also booed the national anthem at the Community Shield in July and at the end of the FA Cup last year, so the Premier League contacted the clubs that will have home games and strongly suggested that they recognize the historic occasion.

He Liverpool receives the brentford at Anfield on Saturday and before kick-off, “officials and players will assemble in the center circle when the national anthem is played”, during the 1980s, the team’s fans booed the national anthem due to what many referred to as ” the decline of the management” of the city while the Conservative Party was in government.

The Liverpool manager jurgen klopp, said that the position of the club is his, since he cannot have a complete opinion on the subject due to his German origin. “This is a subject that I really can’t have a full opinion on. I am from germany. We don’t have a King or Queen,” he said. Although some Liverpool fans may have mixed opinions, the team have decided to honor the historic occasion during Saturday’s game at Anfield


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