Friday, September 22, 2023

LIVE: The official image of the 2026 World Cup is presented in Mexico, the US and Canada

The World Cup illusion returns to the planet, after tonight the official image of the World Cup 2026, with which the official flag will be given for this party that will be held in North America in just three years.

This party full of lights, fireworks and artists will take place in the city of Los Angeles Californiaone of the headquarters of this Soccer World Cup, and which has a great history, having been the venue for the 1994 World Cup final, the last time the World Cup came to North America.

Now, the illusion and magic of a new fair will be shared in three venues: Mexico, United States and Canadaa fact never before seen in the World Cupsso a huge celebration is expected.

Furthermore, as anticipated by the FIFA, This new image will have an essence of the three co-hosts, in addition to showing the official logos of the 16 venues of this event.

With all this expectation, it will be here where you can see LIVE the official presentation made by the highest soccer body.

This is how you live the previous party for the presentation of the image of the World Cup

The presentation will take place at 9:26 p.m., Central Mexico time


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