Thursday, June 1, 2023

Lionel Messi is pardoned by PSG and returns to training

PSG will look at one of its top figures again, after Lionel Messi was ‘pardoned’ and returned to training for the French team.

Through social networks, the image of the Argentine star was disseminated by the same Parisian team in the Camp des Loges, after not being called up for the match against Troyes, in Ligue 1.

It should be remembered that Lionel Messi had been suspended from the team for 15 days without pay, this after not attending a training session with PSG and making a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Despite the fact that Messi’s future remains unknown, everything seems to indicate that the apology he made through a video on social networks was enough for the Parisian board of directors to make a decision.

“Honestly, I thought we were going to have the day off after the game, as was the case in previous weeks, and I had this trip to Arabia, which I had already cancelled, but, I repeat, I apologize for what I did,” Messi said in that recording.

In the current season, Lionel Messi He has played 37 matcheswhere he has 20 goals and 19 assists with PSG in all competitions.


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