Friday, December 1, 2023

León overcomes the global and will play the final of the Concachampions

In an intense game from start to finish, the Lion overcame the overall score and with a score of 3 goals to one eliminated the tigers and will play the final of the Concachampions against LAFC-

The beast couldn’t have had a better start, with a dressing room goal by Fidel Ambriz with a great shot from his left foot on the edge of the area that made Nahuel’s save impossible despite the great stretch.

The blow was double towards the northerners, with a second blow at minute 15 in a play that Ángel Mena culminated in a rebound granted by the Argentine goalkeeper and thus, in less than 15 minutes, half the task was already done for Larcamon’s team.

When it seemed that the green bellies were sailing in calm waters, in the second half came the goal that changed everything in a play that the Tigres put together well in a corner kick that Rafael Carioca touched with Raymundo Fulgencio, the latter faced and shot with his leg right to shoot Rodolfo Cota at minute 68.

With this result, the game was forced to penalties, so León pushed forward and at minute 78 found its reward in a corner kick that they managed to comb and that Adonis Frías finished off meters from the goal.

With this result, Nicolás Larcamon’s team will face off against LAFC in the final of the Concachampions in search of his first club world cup.


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