Monday, December 4, 2023

Learn these tricks so that you can optimize the battery of your smartphone and that 5G does not drain it

The arrival of 5G has revolutionized the way we connect, but also has raised concerns about the impact on the battery life of our mobile devices. A recent study carried out by Ookla reveals that 5G can involve high energy consumption, significantly affecting the autonomy of phones.

According to the data collected, 5G can consume up to 11 percent more battery life compared to 4G. Although these percentages vary depending on the processors, 5G modules and battery capacities of each device, it is clear that 4G is still the most efficient option to preserve battery life.

A report published on the website of computer today details some tricks that can help us so that the 5G connection does not drain the battery of our smartphone.

Take advantage of these tricks

If you want to maximize the autonomy of your mobile, a simple but effective solution is disable 5G. Although this decision implies giving up the advantages offered by this new connection, such as faster download speeds and browsing on social networks, it is especially recommended in areas where 5G coverage is still limited.

Low battery

The lack of wide 5G coverage is one of the main drawbacks of this technology in most countries. In many places, the absence of a strong 5G signal means that keeping this connectivity on at all times is not practical or beneficial in terms of battery life.

Opting for 4G is still the best alternative. If you live in an area where there is little or no 5G coverage, configuring your mobile device to only connect to 4G networks can give you greater autonomy without sacrificing the browsing experience on social networksalthough you may notice a slight decrease in speed.


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