Monday, December 11, 2023

Las Palmas comes back against Celta in another magical discount

The UD Las Palmas defeated Celta 2-1 this Monday after coming back in the second half, and with a last and decisive goal in the 97th minute scored by Marc Cardona, in another magical discount for the Canarian team, which in its previous home game also knocked down Granada in extra time.

The Greek Anastasios Douvikas advanced the Galician team in the 67th minute by completing a counterattack led by the Ivorian Jonathan Bamba, and Las Palmas equalized the score when Jonathan Viera converted a penalty called for knocking down the Swede Carl Starfelt on Marc Cardona in the 84th minute.

In the seventh and last minute of added time, Marc Cardona was once again decisive by finishing off a great assist from Jonathan Viera inside the area to give three important points to the yellow team, which leaves the relegation zone, to which it falls now the Vigo team.

The coaches of both teams, García Pimienta and Rafa Benítez, They left their franchise players on the starting bench, Jonathan Viera and Iago Aspas, like bullets in the chamber for a second part that ended up being exciting.

In the first half, the yellow team took the initiative and found depth on the left side, where the left-footed Francisco Crespo ‘Pejiño’ played this time with a natural leg and brought the danger with crosses that found no finishers.

The Moroccan Munir El Haddadi, on the opposite side, tried it with two shots, the first near the crossbar and the second saved by Iván Villar, and then the visiting goalkeeper struggled to get a ball that had hit Starfelt and slipped through.

He Celtic, timid in the first half hour with a clear 1-5-3-2 in which he could not link up with his forwards, woke up in the 29th minute with a one-on-one by Bamba that was blocked by Álvaro Valles, and the subsequent shot by the Norwegian Jorgen Strand Larsen crashed into the crossbar after hitting the ball first on the grass.

Las Palmas lost Mexican international Julián Araujo due to muscle injury and the controversy came shortly after, after a pass from Óscar Mingueza towards Strand Larsen, who ended up dribbling past the goalkeeper to score with a low cross shot, but Alberola Rojas was warned by the VAR due to a fight between Douvikas and Mika Mármol in which They were both holding on to each other’s shirts, and that left the Norwegian the way clear to face the goalkeeper. The referee ended up invalidating the goal due to a foul by the Greek attacker, in the face of protests from the sky.

After the break, very soon (minute 48), and with Viera and Aspas already warming up on the wing, Strand Larsen was close to the goal again when he shot the ball very cross in another one-on-one, surprising the local defense behind him , where it leaves the most space.

The controversy returned in the opposite area, with a distant free kick that Kirian Rodríguez took, placing the ball in the net with Iván Villar displaced, but the referee did not give the goal because according to his criteria he had not given permission to serve; the yellow players claimed the opposite.

Strand Larsen found the woodwork again in the 59th minute, confirming his fateful night in the finale.

The entrance to the field Jonathan Viera drove Las Palmas towards Iván Villar’s goal, probably too much, but Celta survived the yellow gale and launched a textbook counterattack, led by Jonathan Bamba and culminated by Douvikas, with a low and crossed shot, beating Mika Mármol in the unmarking.

In the most delicate moment for Las Palmas, behind on the scoreboard, they also Iago Aspas came out and the one from Moaña was able to end the clash with a foul that Álvaro Valles took in the corner.

The game then seemed asleep, but it was awakened by a penalty for Starfelt’s knockdown of Marc Cardona, which Jonathan Viera converted with a very tight shot that Iván Villar almost reached.

With the party broken, The final minutes were a coin toss, with a UD Las Palmas overturned and a Celta with a lot of space for the counterattack, until in the last of the seven minutes of extension, Jonathan Viera invented a great pass inside the area towards Marc Cardona and the striker from Ilerda hit a low shot that hit to Iván Villar to leave the three points on the island.


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