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Laporta: “Xavi Hernández has been decisive”

The top Barca president, in statements to Movistar +, He assured that winning with four games to go “feels very good.” In addition, he was hopeful that this new trophy in the showcases is “the beginning of a very positive stage” for the Catalan entity.

Laporta highlighted the figure of the coach, Xavi Hernandez: “It has been decisive. He has worked so that we can offer quality football and hard work. We have a great coach and a great ‘staff’. He has knowledge of football in general and of our institution.”

The president, in any case, insisted that the entity was always prudent about the options of getting this LaLiga title. “We thought we were on the right track, but you can never say it’s done. Any team can complicate a game for you,” she reflected.

Looking to the future, the leader of the Barça entity pointed out that the club is “working to have an even more competitive team next season”, without forgetting the line of “economic austerity” of the entity.

Xavi: “We’ve done a great job, the goal was to win titles”

The Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernández, stated after winning LaLiga by beating Espanyol at the RCDE Stadium (2-4), that the team has done “a great job” and recalled that the objective of the course was “to win titles”.

The coach, at a press conference, stressed that the title has been achieved “with four days to go” to go: “And 14 points behind Real Madrid and 16 behind Atlético, which means that we have been much better than the opponent. It has to be celebrated properly. I am very happy and proud.”

Xavi constantly highlighted the word “team” in his appearance: “I’m very proud of that. Everyone has put on the work overalls. He has prioritized the team over individuality and this is the most important. It gives us a lot of calm, hope and peace of mind.”

The person in charge of the Barcelona bench pointed out that there have been “hard and complicated” moments, although He praised the character of the block to be “a family” in the most complex stages of the course. “We have played football very well in some games and in others we have known how to suffer,” he reflected.


LaLiga Santander | Espanyol – FC Barcelona, ​​in pictures

Despite his personal satisfaction, the coach ruled out that this is “Xavi’s LaLiga” and transferred the prominence to the footballers. The coach commented that the players have been “vital and key” and they have “perfectly” understood their style book.

Looking to the future, the Barça coach commented that this title gives “credibility and stability”. In any case, the coach acknowledged that it has not been a round course: “The title means that the project is valid, but we were not at the level in Europe and it is the pending issue.”

Xavi explained that during the season he was clear that he could be LaLiga champion if there were no relaxations. “You always suffer as a coach, when you are inside with this responsibility it looks different,” he confessed.

Asked about the invasion of the field by dozens of parakeet fans while the soccer players celebrated the title with a group, the coach assured that he told his soccer players to go to the changing rooms, without realizing what had happened: “I haven’t seen it. I thought it was time to celebrate inside.”

Xavi Hernández indicated, when asked by the media, that “There is no need to generate more controversy” and stressed that the team did not want to “provoke anyone”.

“It was a very emotional moment and it was difficult not to celebrate it. The footballers did not celebrate it because it was Espanyol’s field,” he added.


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