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Laporta: “We have a better team than Real Madrid”

Laporta acknowledges the difficulties in the market due to the salary limit, but makes it clear that the Barcelona team is favorite to win the League and that it is better than that of the eternal rival. “We have a better team than Madrid and, individually, we are also better by some difference than our rivals. As a member and a fan I am very satisfied with the team we are building.”

Laporta assured that he does not look at what the other teams spend and only focuses on improving Barça. “We already have a very competitive team. We have won the Spanish League and we can continue exercising dominance in this competition. I focus on making a good team over signing individuals. Us we have signed Gundogan and Iñigo Martínez and they will give us a great performance like the others that are going to come”.

The Barça president commented that “we are clear about the coach’s requests. Perhaps we are missing a winger and something in midfield and we will try to satisfy him. The team has once again won important titles and we are ambitious for the future. We are working well and the The coach is also doing well. We all want to experience many more joys in the coming years.”

Arda Guler

According to Laporta, the Turkish Arda Güler was close to Barça. In fact, Deco reached an agreement with Fenerbahçe with which the transfer of the footballer was ensured. Laporta, in the interview, confirmed that the agreed figure was “17.5 million euros” and also assured that “we were in agreement with the player.” But everything went wrong when Real Madrid came into play, something that the footballer himself also said in his presentation with the white team.

The president of Barcelona is clear that “we could have come to compete”, but also that they did not even consider it: “Neither with Arda nor with other players who want to come to Barça.” The reason is that “we self-impose criteria that we are not going to transgress” with the aim of “not going back again”.

And it is that Laporta was not willing to enter an auction for a footballer who still has to demonstrate many things in football at the highest level: “We have to apply common sense and we think that we should move away from this operation, due to the magnitude that was taking place”.

That was when, as the manager comments, “later other clubs joined”, explicitly naming the club chaired by Florentino Pérez: “Madrid has entered and considered that they had to pay the amounts they have paid.”. On the other hand, “we there thought that we did not have to enter” because “there are more players that I think we can get without entering this battle than money”. “We thought it would be a mistake on our part,” he ended up saying.

Victor Roque

On the other hand, Vitor Roque has already signed his new contract with Barcelona and arrives from Athletico Paranaense. The club will make it official in the next few hours, but his transfer is one hundred percent closed. So much so that we just need to know when he will be able to join Xavi’s project and dress as a Barça player. Questioned about this, Laporta understands that it will depend on how Fair Play evolves at the salary level of the first team.

In fact, Laporta commented during the interview that his landing at the Ciutat Esportiva is also conditioned by the “viability plan”, although it opens the door to generating “an income that gives us Fair Play”. In that case, they will have to make a decision when choosing to incorporate one or the other player.”

And it is that The initial idea of ​​the entity is that Vitor Roque joins the group in January 2024, coinciding with the opening of the winter transfer market. Although no one at the club rules out the possibility that, finally, the Brazilian will continue throughout the season at Athletic Paranaense, waiting to join Xavi Hernández’s group. All the options are open because the footballer burns with the desire to play for Barça and Barça burns with the desire for it to be so.

Despite this, depending on how the market management goes and how Barca’s finances balance, his incorporation will take place at one time or another. If nothing changes, everything is scheduled, as of today, for January 2024.


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