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Lamborghini Launcher: the electric car concept that will inspire the supercars of the future

Lamborghini presented the Pitcher, the electric car concept that will inspire its next production vehicles. Within the framework of Monterey Car Week, the Italian manufacturer unveiled a futuristic 2+2 Gran Turismo that maintains characteristic elements of the brand.

The Launcher is a preview of the model IV, Lamborghini’s first electric car to be built from 2028. According to Stephan Winkelmann, president of Automobili Lamborghini, this concept is part of a new vehicle segment: the Ultra GT, which will be characterized by the use of pioneering technologies.

At first glance, the Launcher is true to the brand’s DNA, with aggressive lines based on the single-line silhouette. The concept evokes models such as Sesto Elemento or Murciélago and maintains the classic inclination of the cabin. Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s chief designer, mentioned that his new electric car is inspired by a spaceship.

In terms of benefits, the Launcher is equipped with two electric motors — one for each axle — with a peak power of more than one megawatt. This layout ensures four-wheel drive and efficiency under varying terrain and driving conditions. The drive also features active torque vectoring to the rear axle to improve cornering response.

One of the most striking features of the Launcher is its level of customization. The driver can modify the behavior of the car to adapt it to various needs or terrain situations. This is possible thanks to Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI), a driving dynamics control system that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Active aerodynamics to improve autonomy

Through controls on the steering wheel, the pilot you can adjust the aerodynamics of the Launcher to control airflow and improve range or performance. The Active Aerodynamics system reduces drag to increase vehicle efficiency in high speed conditions or driving in city environments.

Lamborghini has integrated a active suspension that adapts to each terrain situation, as well as a wheel speed control that regulates power for more precise turning. The system interface allows the driver to create a profile with personalized driving settings.

Launcher interior includes a futuristic Y-shaped board. Being inspired by spaceships, the cabin is located in a lower part where the pilot and his passenger are separated by a center console that connects to the board.

The Lamborghini Launcher: a spaceship with artificial intelligence

The command center has an ergonomic layout so that the driver can easily access all of the car’s commands. There are also retractable screens that display information and controls to adjust the climate, the entertainment system and digital functions. According to Borkert, the Launcher is designed for a new generation growing up in an era of high technology and digitization.

The proportions are new and invisible, with the potential to create a whole new automotive segment. The Launcher features supercar volumes but with the pilot positioned slightly higher, echoing that of the Huracán Sterrato.

Mitja Borkert

As part of Lamborghini’s sustainable strategy, the Launcher uses recycled materials inside, as well as high-end Merino wool and environmentally friendly tanned leather. The foam in the sports seats is 3D printed with plastic from used bottles.

The Launcher is a concrete preview of what we’ll see in Lamborghini’s first electric car to be unveiled in 2028. Some features will be continuously improved for years to come. The Sant’Agata Bolognese company will integrate more sensors and refine the artificial intelligence algorithms that will debut in the final version of the fourth model.

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