Sunday, December 10, 2023

LaLiga loses its battle against the RFEF and the CSD for the draw of the League F calendar

The Central Contentious-Administrative Court number 11 of Madrid has The appeal filed by the National Professional Soccer League was inadmissible.l against the resolution of the president of the CSD about the discrepancy between the Professional Women’s Soccer League and the Royal Spanish Football Federation on the organization and celebration of the calendar of the Women’s First Division.

It should be remembered that in July 2022 a notable discrepancy was generated between the Women’s League and the RFEF, having to mediate the CSD and reminding the parties, after postponing the draw that both entities had scheduled in their respective headquarters and in parallel, that coordinated action on the matter was necessary.

Finally, the CSD, in accordance with the regulations, decreed that the draw for the competition calendar should be organized by the RFEF in Las Rozas, as was done on August 12, 2022 despite the refusal of the now called Liga F, which understood that it was in charge of assuming that responsibility.

And in this scenario, LaLiga took part, which filed an appeal against the resolution of the CSD despite the fact that it was not directly related to the event since it was the calendar of the highest female category. The aforementioned appeal argued that the LPFF was established as the organizer of the competition, but that is not why it is “the only entity with the capacity to develop actions in this regard”. “The LPFF cannot organize and hold the draw for pairings on the competition calendar (…) independently of the RFEF (…). must existr a coordinated action in the matter, in which each of the entities exercise their corresponding functions”, reads the resolution of the highest body of Spanish sport, which also highlights: “For the celebration of the pairing draw, said conditions must be sent to the RFEF, so that it exercises the corresponding function of coordination and proceeds to the celebration of the draw”.

The employers’ association chaired by Javier Tebas expressed their disagreement with the concept of coordination that the CSD alleges in its resolution, but the judge of the Central Contentious-Administrative Court number 11 of Madrid considers that there is no active standing and declares the appeal inadmissible, thus endorsing the powers of the RFEF to assume responsibility for this type of act.


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