Thursday, November 30, 2023

LaLiga completely changes its image and begins a new era

As a global brand with a broad reach to diverse audiences, THE LEAGUE reflects its new strategic positioning in the motto “The power of our football”, which highlights the pride of being part of an organization capable of inspiring people and society as a whole. This motto highlights the potential of the fans, clubs, sponsors and all the agents that make up THE LEAGUE

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LaLiga becomes THE LEAGUEwritten in a single word in capital letters while the slogan “The power of our football” vindicates the pride of belonging to a league that complies with the rules, is responsible to society and fights against discrimination.

The brand’s new logo is represented by the initials “LL“The choice of the same is related to two key moments that are lived both on and off the field and that symbolize the passion of soccer: the celebration of the players when they score a goal and they kneel forming the letter “L” with the silhouette of their bodies, and fans who form an “L” with their arms when celebrating a goal or the success of their team.

In addition, the new corporate color of THE LEAGUE It is the coral, which symbolizes the pride, passion, energy and excitement of soccer. The visual identity will impact not only the 42 clubs that make it up, who will wear the new logo on their kits, but also the more than 185 million users of digital environments.


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